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Yoga lesson 23 - A complex of asanas for immunity strengthening  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello with you i and today we are with you asan complex for strengthening the immunity in principle all exercises in yoga one way or another they strengthen immunity but it is this complex I'm about this year and all collected so clearly
  • 00:30: which are the most this is affected namely on immunity detailed information can look at my website is angola. but now let's let us begin Put The feet are shoulder width apart and palms to the waist in this Exercise we with you make pranayama dynamic that
  • 01:01: are called immunity to two variant and pranayama immunity option 1 here delays breathing is performed exhaled upside down inhaled and exhaled lean forward at an angle of 90 degrees and on breathing retention on exhalation we remain then position
  • 01:32: this is pranayama tones up adrenal glands which we have provoke immune the cell itself strengthens the immune system with inspiration straightening out body tilt Yes hi exhalation tilt to the right
  • 02:03: who straighten out whose emblems breathe here the Romans if have the best time repeat this pranayamu three circles such do it repeat three times we
  • 02:34: then we come to the problem of immunity Option 2 put palms armpits and here the same forged for exhalation, but we have a deflection only in the field chest that is, the same thing forward back right delay time breathing and here we are stimulate with you well spectacled glands who, too our grandfather differs body and so breathing in and out exhalation tilt forward
  • 03:04: at the chest level Yes straightened exhale tilt backward who are standing up exhalation right straightened out
  • 03:43: emblem but weight and in the same way repeat 3 times this asana about it pranayama and beyond we come to dignity put and legs on two shoulder widths and In a breath raise our hands
  • 04:15: aside unfold right with therefore 90 degrees a failure then recorded Correct wall do look at the right pen is doing inhale and exhale marrying for marriage hand we lower it on the throat left hand up looks up tights mass pose triangle A wasp tones well the adrenal glands the teacher himself
  • 04:46: strengthening immunity has many more other therapeutic effects can see this information from and with grew on muscles we look years on upper smile from to 80 degrees he was
  • 05:32: turn the stop to masquerade dropped their hands and a few breaths and exhalations of praskovya muscles and then repeat the other side with inhale unfolding reassured 90 degrees then Smyrnins trolleybus two and not looked at it with a pen
  • 06:02: house from here these to me on arm lower it down look up try to relax
  • 06:32: muscles every exhalation in the trace is not controlled meatballs if Pressure helps learn by throw do sardu Oganesian unfold the feet and exhaled down The arms and legs of the hinge and go to
  • 07:04: next is yourself drop us at knot we connect palms on bridges and leaning key is not breed who drive tours never at the buzovaya back straight but stimulates work of the intestine the best combination help on can not appear slag and
  • 07:35: toxins but your and work intestines most strengthening immunity and then I go down love
  • 08:07: forward the guru to deliver I can not and bend the akims team their palms hungry like со inhaling begin
  • 08:37: raise your head and farther call is not asked leather leggings prose the top of their head reached out do not throw in neck is not important
  • 09:08: freedom toning of the kidneys most crepe are you and not as much as you comfort then we draw from other head
  • 09:48: tax for me the girls dropped their arms which and perform the competition pose bend the legs in lap slides breasts in America and sit on his heels we will substitute on a wolf hands principle and lead to the drain was the most pose child coccyx to tips
  • 10:43: fingers on the clear and stretching the back and slides on the rug come back and hopeless color put your head on knobs squeeze the kulai crusts and pressed on of the whole surface k sex and you're next once and for refusal of whom she is half Abkhaz I will designate and with inhalation raise the right leg
  • 11:15: up I try hold the leg
  • 11:46: as much as you can then descends and go to the left foot with the spirits require and we do not take away from yes, and full shit hour
  • 12:31: cold hasan learn cams on the water slides arrange for both from the pubic bones and shoulders and the hands of the doll and sado lift up and she opened her shoulders shark and stayed there were only 2
  • 13:18: you can and then change lowered the legs based greens let's make a Russian I connect socks together heels bros and put it in his arms I do not like racial music of cattle pulled up
  • 14:03: led to the unnamed back and go to next fall bend the girls in knee cities will get out hands behind ankles khan times his pose onion with me, Dyspnea tear off hominid and then the upper
  • 14:33: part and remained in this position was breathing boutiques inhale and exhale let spoons and then we do
  • 15:05: shovel buttocks and straightened . tomas and freedom big fingers of
  • 15:35: them in the brain forward put his hands on the pole and or on a mountain anywhere reach out and relax mind you all top of the head pulls out spine by no means do not need to drag down you round your back must be stretched show me ahead touches the hips lower the crown
  • 16:05: pulls out spine and if they live on their hips already lies down then let him and relaxing the muscles rusty loops large
  • 17:05: pack and he thought straighten out stretched upwards across Your hands on your hips and spine bell let there be relaxed muscles sensations in body and the next asana
  • 17:40: viparita karani wisely many connect Together the frame series stella to the young bags and with inhalation and my straight legs up felt the waist snuggled up exhaled and the following spirit tear off the pelvis from the floor and we put his grandmothers inverted sleep in
  • 18:12: us power tones up lymphatic circulatory system also strengthens immunity contribute fast transfer as cells on our body and generally tones up the whole organism has a very large therapeutic
  • 18:42: Effect you are not as much as you comfortable when leaving bend the legs faster we press knees head we lower it to the floor and leaning on hands We lay our back and the waist was placed with by inhaling the stalk with exhale down and dissolve and then perform
  • 19:21: contour pose for this I broke the pose itself fish again legs together We take bottom surface hips and with a breath any arm in the elbows again many cats and try our elbows pushes out the chest up to sleep you were more on elbow distributed black here it is simulated
  • 19:56: thymus squandered cells and increases the gray plaids raise we lay under Breed from the Bottom
  • 20:26: at uncomfortable position and perform chance current ten to fifteen minutes relax on the bench lying on the back it was a complex for securing immunity
  • 20:57: do it more often 8 winter period and then the cold does not threaten with you brian alman before meetings