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  • 00:43: Hello dear ladies and gentlemen for today we will cook rub one of the interpretations of the American national dish that we are a little bit converted to European but it's the wings of his drink, or rather even happens so in football before the football wings beer big all together to think about the soul of the coupon will be Committee that villagers of the year it was but we need ordinary simple wings cost is divisible
  • 01:13: flashlights and smaller ones Here we spread them I will explain the reports to my daughters why is this not just not so because what was bad was just beautiful really necessary today we will be ready for a big plate on the company of Kiev she sold quickly ends but looks very impressive we spread wings to deposits for marinade and for wiretapping
  • 01:44: in the windows when both the right-wing cattle explained blah blah and since we will certainly regret we do not need this at all we thought a point and we dip this a business wiping in which they are localized then Michael Brotherhood it can not batch-separated gti I'm about picking the following order
  • 02:16: just ordinary heat on Saturday pastors weaker such a circle condiments chicken collection is very simple since the rule is rosemary turmeric coriander these houses are clear with convex I love very much coriander then I I'll add a little more in white pepper
  • 02:47: a bit of a dream mixed the motor what to do we have such a marinade dryish I will explain why At first better adhere that is, the marina will supply the siber of the mayor if you have a great desire, you can of course do this one and a couple of hours but as a rule the hens themselves by itself therefore you can do it 15 minutes before football that we are doing further
  • 03:19: turn on the fire oil warmed up truth kind of culture I will repeat that is my own because the loss is a pledge you would be the only one what two-thirds of the dakar wonder why decided to recall what will be postponed wings Moscow may have to Here we have our credo is this business but it is not clear that we need starch we add directly from above a bit of starch over time, you get
  • 03:49: rivalry so that the brain there was no spoilage of products to re-equip all this business starch will give the chickens an account crust and interesting view and omit in oil let's say one by one all at once the rookie did not need to the operator can treated with oil and in the second
  • 04:19: they are all sharper than tsunami that will all be unnecessary let's say these are our wings ponds mustard plaster already it smells cool and it's a little smaller the couple intervened moderate fire just roasted need something out there that it was very strong
  • 04:50: Here I washed my hands and wiped the next one stage I'm cooking paper is there are special because when you do something together except for squats but I can so it is necessary and there we throw out our meetings with mass than any food assets it implies An aggravation for the budget should be something like this all to want more
  • 05:22: drink a beer therefore we are wings fried do dryish outside starch too, he absorbs water well allocates it we understandably need to have wings the first was inside ready completely is ready but outside the gabbana was crispy this process takes as a rule a hat five to seven minutes maximum chicken return it quickly since we divided into small parts of
  • 05:54: who can certainly cook the whole but I I love when they are small artists Shelf in hospitals pores while waiting for a mop point we will do on the road a knob on a plate this Well, I like apples Here I like the modes in circles we are large circles are enough vodka and you can remove the middle
  • 06:24: special before this I call them which delete middle the poison venom is lazy so behind them you can do so far just a knife participate and asterisk but neatly only the dots I think it will be enough then bacon will prepare a red prikolu
  • 06:54: I went in vain in the Carpathians apples we have still squeezed orange juice I think you will not believe that he is fresh the air to pay for what was liquid if it is clear that natural but the condition that the amount is worth that then to remember also anxious bell falls for chefs to kick kitchen is okay for us
  • 07:24: Of course it's better to use this form in which it is means our wings already get although such a beautiful saturated color you can do a little bit less fire regulate this gave received a new color consequently eight more a good color of the Crimea and now their the soil of jealousy another so that they were completely ready mm then were 101 percent sure that they never father warm father cover good than west
  • 07:56: countries in search of the best voices when I like the chicken does not fly if you remember one percent of his thoughts are not subject to heavy workload meetings after which it is worth by catch I think that we according to him this process but also put this paper in order the glass is everything excess fat is not needed because
  • 08:26: what about big cook the new ambassador of the United States is predicted so left ska not only to relax and I I'll change the frying pan but now the preparations for the main the moment is the sauce we will sell the wings today the road is sour sweet taste but in the media will not be too red too this
  • 08:57: tatian jam such covers were more will be honey Honey sharp win point points cafe we ​​need to add this unusual experience will be very, very strong piquant nicely what do we need we'll take honey and take orange juice the first is added for caramelization Roughly speaking today was the honey lighthouse you im
  • 09:27: smoke went add juice all this business is kneaded proportion approximately one one Well, the amount of sauce is clear on your taste acid we gave the words zaharkina choose of course oranges that are sweet because if they are acidic so more no less sweet
  • 09:58: add paprika as well as for color fire for all a couple of them again to he was more viscous consistency will do that is, using liquid left only the most taste drilling mouse victory such a color of this can often in spite of it something like paprika is certainly there and is best
  • 10:28: use Hungarian is not better just learned how to do boiled now we wait that with a characteristic foam do not pay attention to the frying pan it can be absolutely any it does not have to be The device will usually help the griddle itself a simple frying pan of which it does in one gold dial of course more to from the words will become viscous in it is enough it will be difficult to mix wings Here they are
  • 11:01: less fire caramel went threw out their Kremlin it will be possible to do a little Here and begin to prepare held there sauce means what's going on we had starch starch created the outside of the shell Having mastered the properties without losing even after heat treatment and now on that starch roughly puts our sauce
  • 11:31: which the I myself wings and will create a caramel on transparent kostanzo which is a little bit different it will be enough August they way from the game in a formidable pendulum red meat will arrive outside a crisp crust and on it still will be links this is always achieved by the cook because that is, boars with more or less the most delicious sea A little bit of everything is hard to ensure that everything
  • 12:03: soaked right there it's already passed I'll make everyone notice a little more sauce why do we have our apples more often than this is a dish and here's a new one too Too much pretentiousness in decorating here is not should be more simple more delicious a more important step naturally
  • 12:33: not requiring devices use that's how our wings are ready now apples straight into this sauce working group on completion the fee can be quince hype Couple to school can not hurt but this will do 3 so that it's symmetrical beautifully put immediately
  • 13:03: at the edges means lemon and you can wipe your hands when you eat and can be watered that is, its multifunctional such thing suddenly he seller how to switch channel while advertising is in progress grease hands with a quick lemon clean the paper with a piece of paper excellent we have apples already in real caramel saw ornaments
  • 13:34: lay out our city I actually really succeeded causes appetite in humans quite tasty dish but also give a we emphasize a little bit child piquant beer views up to the actual one-color box I think
  • 14:04: it makes you appetite on the plot of the pilot's cup or just so here's the meal Bon Appetit goals that is concert
  • 14:35: Furthermore