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How to knit a camomile a hook the Lesson 27 Howto crochet camomile 2 part  See details »

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  • 00:00: now we will knit white thread hook under vdevaem the rear half-loop the base circle grab white thread and provyazyvaem 11 air loop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and 11
  • 00:36: skipping loops 2 and a third loop knit a column without next sc loop knit
  • 01:06: polustolbik with sc Further knit 5 columns with one sc 1 2 perry
  • 01:42: 4 and 5 then knit polustolbik with sc next st and last loop vdevaem hook and We take out the loop further vdevaem hook under the rear half-loop
  • 02:14: the following range of the loop and pull out loop provyazyvaem three loops together Now overturn job to another side missing loop and basis and
  • 02:44: the following loop provyazyvaem coupling loop continue to knit on the perimeter connection eyelets dovyazav to the top petals then provyazyvaem one air loop and knit connection
  • 03:14: loop on the other side lobe the latest loop provyazyvaem in the following way vdevaem hook in loop our petals and We take out the loop then in the vdevaem loop where we
  • 03:44: started our lepestochek We take out the loop and and drags and then you can now knit next lepestochek for this We need get over here in this here is loop start next lepestochek and to do this we can through coupling loop provyazyvaem coupling loop But in this loop
  • 04:14: Here's how I do it with seamy side work drive a loop so you to tabs I could not see and provyazyvayu coupling loop and the following coupling loop knit already here in this loop yellow and here
  • 04:45: petal ready and you can start knitting next Petal fit it just provyazyvaem again a chain of 11 stitches and further knit as I He has already shown such way provyazyvaem all the petals of our chamomile
  • 05:16: when all the petals They will be linked Now get this large daisy Further knit another midway as I already showed take piece fleece We laid it in flower center was applied in the center the middle of a second and with using needles
  • 05:47: We sew it to flowers Now Daisy is ready and you can decorate it leaves