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  • 00:00: contemporary man hard introduce healthy balanced Meatless meals our ancestors who did not refrigerators were used a lot ways to to keep meat such as fresh postponed its nettle or bird cherry leaves or rubbed lemon juice and also used honey for his conservation in modern world It is much easier you can simply go to shop and buy chilled meat as an do we learn Now the wise Omar Khayyam time He spoke better than starving than what you eat horrible
  • 00:31: fully agree because the body it is the whole person if any system one of the components It will be broken to avoid problems health will eat right and know what exactly really useful environmentalists say the meat is indispensable food and not without purpose me a lot of animal protein that is the major structural element of all tissues the body content protein in meat varies Depending on the type and categories most protein Bovine name 20 seconds
  • 01:01: per cent of the smallest content in pork and up to 14 percent together there many useful matter particularly high content percentage vitamins b make some meats means of their technology storage means is fresh meat there is, frozen meat eat meat chilled The fact that chilled meat firstly easier to work in the second it is enriched oxygen that is in It saved all
  • 01:30: nutritional properties protein means minerals and it is much price and useful than frozen chilled meat produced by rapid cooling pair Product to the temperature at which it is not spoils thanks large content Oxygen in such virtually no meat bacteria another very nutritious and useful learn to choose good meat may a simple man in the street first of all you must pay attention typical of this type of meat fresh color and scent in
  • 02:00: Unlike frozen quality chilled meat determine easy enough differ frozen, we we can chilled we smell the meat We can touch it that is to define product quality beef meat bright red pork and we are Pink colour means and consistency of name difficult foci not smooth dried and surface but all respectively organoleptic these indicators
  • 02:31: gourmets know nothing compares to good taste fresh meat carve chilled meat much easier than frozen like It said without unnecessary efforts chilled meat it is necessary to defrost she is always ready to preparation and it the fact of the way most delicious and succulent meat dishes is obtained from chilled meat and forget about that preparation dishes from such meat
  • 03:00: It requires less time this means that it retains useful items are destroyed in the long heat treatment the nutritional value chilled meat 40 percent higher than frozen we know that the meat at freezing loses most Vitamins and Minerals proteins besides the more the product is freezer and less than he loses taste and nutritional properties in the meat structure It is dense and
  • 03:30: elastic because cells retain their moisture inside but when freezing ice water cells just breaks that is why defrosted meat flowing and does not save their structure card which drop off during defrosting lost all nutritional properties so meat repeated defrosting freezing and long-term storage frozen destroy all those properties that inherent in this type of
  • 04:00: products Factory launched pathogenic pathogens bacterium which the thickness of muscle fibers and Chilled meat these pathogens bacteria are killed so meat enriched oxygen little tricks from our program The best way determine the freshness meat cooking test slices out of the total benign meat obtained transparent and fragrant broth whose surface large swim sequins fat broth
  • 04:31: not from fresh meat turbid surface its fine glitter fat with the feels nasty plant chilled meat Defarge very fresh and quality product because its terms implementation fairly short only good stores offer customers fresh meat and the way saying it was meat products are always It is an indication quality