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  • 00:12: Hello I name is Julia and the Video I talk about comb at such a large the choice difficult decide that it need it picked up a hairbrush a pledge of beauty and the health of your hair In this video, I I tell you about
  • 00:30: rules and features selection combs Now we look basic criteria choice of combs the first is the purpose of a which you will use calculation the second is the length your hair from this also depends on what comb stands pick up and last it is the quality and the material from which manufactured hairbrush generally recommended to have an adverb House was at least two types of combs 1
  • 01:02: for daily care 2 for laying began We define the we comb we will use daily for daily care for the health of your hair your daily massage skin head massage scalp increases blood circulation head and thereby activated growth Hair hair look healthy and brilliant
  • 01:30: comb your hair need from head to forehead and then all directions at the same time holding her head and unstrained relaxed and now is the interesting species combs 1 is massage brush and can be wood plastic iron and with natural bristles clear Hades many positive property features
  • 02:02: are useful combs without varnish coating thereby all the energy of the tree transferred to the hair pay attention to a couple of the tree which is made this comb birch prevent dandruff oak good It soothes the skin head wooden combs ideal for daily care especially if you thin attenuated or split hair following comb
  • 02:30: which I would like it's tough to talk hairbrush and and cloves They can be made from plastic or I iron my case the iron necessarily so ball ball shaped tips comb well It unravels the strands also good massage the scalp very beneficial It affects the growth hair and a The following brush who wanted to talk about it
  • 03:01: brushed natural bristle mostly of the company's bristles provides soft scalp massage these combs are very good for those who hair dull and brittle and last massage brush it mixed it has mixed bristles natural as well as iron or
  • 03:31: plastic teeth must thimbles to be Here's these denticles plastic good years because iron if not their the give and that's sharp teeth will injure the skin of the hand your head so comb attached gloss by soft brush and massage the scalp how hard that is,
  • 04:01: it combines two all kinds and more I wanted to tell you one feature calculation of bitches massage is worth pay large focus here on this Now the rubber pad which is located which is located at comb foundation which is attached teeth for hard hair it should be more Thick and thin weak hair here this pad should be softer and for
  • 04:31: daily care especially for long hair is very needed here is a Now she varieties is both wooden as the plastic for What is this comb long hair all wet any condition hair comb can not but be that as if required to comb hair
  • 05:00: then begin comb your hair just such a comb and begin combing with them all this does not brush hurt your hair and well It unravels fit for combing long hair and hair that curl and Now we will talk comb that you should choose to I'm laying laying
  • 05:30: hair dryer ideal comb It is considered to be carbon I beg comb brushing used to hairdryer and styling to give volume and straightening brush not be different diameter perfectly suitable for long Hair brushing large diameter here such here for short hair better to use brashingi most small diameter here is a need and remember one feature
  • 06:00: the smaller diameter Your brushing and the stronger the curl the larger diameter Brushing your topic the volume will not be the hair appear It has styling long hair a suitable Styling Short hair use to less than the diameter to achieve the desired base effect from Brashing are various with a metal brush or ceramic
  • 06:31: base will in while blow-drying act on TV Thermo oak and I wanted to tell another comb which is used during installation which gives volume this double-sided crafty brush her in common called skeletal and with fish tail. It has two working for 1 to it located a short teeth on the second longer and
  • 07:00: must be balls at the ends do not forget to laying a comb need little skill because you hair will be on it entangled and if you master this laying technique on a comb the root zone Hair that would have stunning laying and the amount of the following I raschesochka I use in laying or hairstyles this
  • 07:30: Comb and fleece and is designed to handle this thus to be able easy to divide hair into strands and the narrow head of the natural bristle It allows you to bring down comb the hair from the roots and more one comb which can be used for nachos and this tail comb bouffant easiest make comb out natural bristles just a couple of movements you can
  • 08:00: create gorgeous clear and as easy to combed unsuccessful for example you created same hour if something Did not work out neatly hours can enter start over the most important rule the report is good to calculate it from the top so as not to be seen such loops can be seen which were created in fleece that time that you look ugly messy say a few words about the care combs remember for your combs care if you It would be interested
  • 08:30: how to care for them you do not have an This report, and I have makes a special video for calculation of care and the most important rule a timely manner change combs Well that's all expensive my hope my video It was useful for climbs look after their combs choose the correct their combs to new appointments