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Arc welding of copper the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: So we transformer prepared I cleaned it now from small chips sawdust Now It begins the most this too complicated This winding stage secondary winding I picked up the wire aluminum and by you I think It called diameter 2 mm and begin
  • 00:35: wind so well at first we need to insert leave a piece elementary it bends so that it It does not prevent us now is the interesting the whole entire
  • 01:00: wire we We prepared the necessary passed through a 2 window, and that's just such a way to start winding process labour intensive Well this case such an option is not
  • 01:39: get shorter have to We find each other end about the pull of
  • 02:06: and now spend our our wire prepared
  • 03:28: Here is such a warm hand
  • 04:15: so we try to round went as possible closer to the stretched and bends look
  • 04:33: to this we do not unfolded and that's one turn we ready so that take again the other end
  • 05:00: and do the same thing and so it took half an hour for half an hour, I wound one secondary layer winding one two three 4 May six seven seven full turns next layer shakes over the first
  • 05:31: so well, that I finished with pullets transformer to He is shaking his third But on the fourth layer All secondary coil I lasted three hours then came August 20 turns much like any try not to stick It turned out that there four layers 7
  • 06:00: turns Well and responsible moment let his will include check how much we happened the voltage at the secondary winding
  • 06:33: so we put a variable voltage limit 200 V because we anywhere from 20 to 30 volts about will therefore limit set 200 so include transformer boomed a gelding and see 22 and 8
  • 07:04: here our case 22 That would be more than abound so now gather transformer fasten and body whole kit and only then can will once again all and you can check out will try to cook So Zack
  • 07:31: a powerful machine like You see I screwed transformer housing osverlil bolt hole and and he turned on secondary winding the ends of the secondary winding screwed to our terminals, whinnying Here the primary winding
  • 08:02: as you can see set etui fuse from that same microwave put fuse 15 ampere but may have put over it will already experience in using welding because during welding short Throws can be much higher than the 10-15 amperes at all
  • 08:32: it is desirable to put machine auto then place the switch there is a need to section just here adjust so there is one small flaw of body The fact that transformer has great the dynamic force Well and, accordingly, here works as a a good person and a magnet in this small
  • 09:00: body created big magnet induction therefore cap just rings so willingly I duct tape here and so paved all places contact the top cover own with housing so you can see that we have indicator lights and now let's talk about
  • 09:30: electrons as you can see the smoke I did electrodes using thick stranded wire four wires section of a half square wire it is desirable to have two feet not more
  • 10:00: Now I'm one electrode I made a small pliers to it was easier to clamp and keep it copper twist here and a second electrode soldering iron that is, I I took a pen from found soldering and here Now using this of the soldering iron twisted tighter
  • 10:30: the diameter of the tube decreased and there for extruded rod from battery graphite Battery-rod it is here and so he here went to tight enough mounted and sits here in this way we will produce welding
  • 11:00: so connect I used wire this volume into force In order to avoid falling stream because if
  • 11:30: use more a thin wire to the easier it will be just drop us it is not necessary to He fell only here can now be already trying to cook Now I have prepared twist here see here
  • 12:00: in this way we We need to hold one electrode and the other electrode Make two or three here of touch includes welding
  • 13:07: and here we see that we have happened we turned such droplet ie copper oplavilas and well cook a drop of no worse here factory it is also a reliable
  • 13:30: contact will be here I need about Welding I think you all understandably