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CORNED BEEF from a polendvitsa "Домашняя" dry-cured. Recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: and speed I have to a little bit cooking not chat so as already 26 on this today somewhere April so soon It will be May 1 Day Born just should be a good holiday cook
  • 00:30: something tasty here Today will tell you how I cook a bowl I do not know how to it will be right called on the Russian or Ukrainian is meat we have it It called fi Andre here means this one cut do not know how It called in Russian and this in Ukrainian pork we speaks of his but below 75 rubles kilogram would be a it's just Our shows are not I know how it is correctly Now here we are called
  • 01:00: it will do Galina for that we need and fast prepare it just four the day will already be ready and then we will give it to What else did not let but then to eat piety I travel to us It needs salt salt take a medium Smaller grinding and here it is in small We called a couple fat Mitrokhin so the average helped then sugar on
  • 01:31: kilogram of salt from here torus of sugar I take then we need Here cayenne pepper who like the other before another sky we need here are all sorts of things and grass is just various dry mixture grass that will give a little more bites as the smell how our fragrance give a pepper and yet I have
  • 02:01: a smoked pepper but at the same time very a sharp little pepper is his too little I am using means for all this you such mix here taking for example 100 grams and sugar some Thing that will All this mixture is now ready to take a wee bit and cuts have to taste This island is the same way I it so you pay me
  • 02:31: Now take a regular Pepper also to all this taste To which of the like the time I like juice will can you do better I like to get enough sleep here are 3 dry grass that sold each its own set of ostrich flavored and pepper dressing us
  • 03:01: end come Tallinn cayenne to be born in the middle open so we and like these packs sold try to open first I opened and all this salt is terrible because we some kilogram 1k for Paris and for us as well we have Paris as well cook at home on the pack navi like this Paris root is the entire economy
  • 03:36: we mix a bunch and mix well that was what homogeneous mixture, and so here is a solution We had a mixture of very flavorful with all the gadgets then for this we We need to take any of stainless steel or plastic level of stainless steel and pour to the bottom but this time fill time.
  • 04:10: meat can be laid so to speak a little and general promotional Kachu iron happened well here is another Kidney can even his bit first in salt and then put all contributions neatly in a row, and this meat all that's necessary fill with salt completely fill salt and that's it
  • 04:40: solution can be between pieces so too here to have a good prosolilas between walls also fully this is completely should be covered with salt if you suddenly do not have enough then just add salt worse than the top but do not close it so sabre it is all turned estates from the walls, too,
  • 05:13: otodvinu to go got salt is not good it was just meat to No wall without salt See the poisoned mostly covered the entire aromatic salt Now there is a sudden I did not have cover completely and Know Opened old salt pack and cover We are looking at the second pack This principle is Now all this is completely
  • 05:43: closed salt here well it turned out now here the pieces of the size as you have seen Now it's all out in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf to nothing for three days droid 3 days pickle here such eating meat can be thicker and 5 days but this thickness as I have shown here, these will go on for three days through three days We show that we'll get It happened here
  • 06:13: now three days It passed and let a little salt and settled Let this meat juice such as if liquid released so nothing is moving easy to live with and merged Now add a little fresh and salt on top all decided another I hold it for a day more guaranteed salting fee tomorrow We begin to have a mini mother and do next Now that's just again for one is not there even on the pelvis and the fallen salts go into refrigerator on the bottom
  • 06:43: shelf so the four days passed refrigerator meat Now it will be get to look what happened salt Now get this Wash the salt to destroy polotenechkom continue but first we'll get and see how it looks pretty compressed look well-groomed He leaves two pieces together, we
  • 07:14: Now we shall understand Limit your salts hits vsypat here Here's how it released their liquid and Now go and wash dry neighbor after how to wash and dry
  • 07:47: polotenechkom here It is obtained at 100 It's the meat already ready to eat Now we just his Let us give so to speak even more taste but Basically it here see now cut off a piece here how he cut it already completely ready to eat but we its done now even tastier it will try very very very tasty
  • 08:20: not salty and for that we take Cayenne pepper he says Costa Rica can be well take any other pepper that someone like you can mix I just take the peppers taken here such some. Tarusa for I am here in this peppers I will do so but here we and it now is
  • 08:51: meat still here because I want to or dip I in pepper that good good it is possible for an amateur take another pepper on red pupils heap black to husband like some seasonings you more liked and well well these pieces It can be finished with pepper
  • 09:21: The camera is easy and does not show I got help too it's in your hands Basically the idea is this Pepper now this a piece knives therefore postponed pass in general here we We put one in pepper and 1 without pepper and already
  • 09:52: cut especially because show well here the whole structure of the meat still very, very Already well we tried very Here's a delicious its structure so that a pepper bring it on best before state so now we will to finish it before but that we ate and really, really we but we liked the operator is even better and so now we continue to do
  • 10:22: yummy take a piece take Now that that's how it is there called paper is such food film to accurately and more layers of this food the film is wound Here are our pieces Here somewhere else again little, well here's another a little bit
  • 10:53: then after that it's good for the edge here doing nothing do not fall it's a piece of this piece we need take make more places to chop air flows but it will protect that the peppers are not showered to which there is a fly
  • 11:23: not sat anything else and this piece should be oblige thread kitchen and hang dry for one or two it all depends on the day taste who as he wants to we do to eg today preparing tomorrow May 1 We will celebrate the coming visit our friends then here we are preparing all this years, we have May 1 We believe that we have already tomorrow it will all
  • 11:54: we eat today I try nipped with This pepper will be even delicious for tomorrow These are the things here are things and now will all as pablike some tasty because there is already really all just slips without preservative all natural nobody will talk about again not so salt everything is so sleep as it is necessary if there is marine sea salt they will be even tastier
  • 12:24: here are obtained we have pieces that hang gone little balcony a little dry but it depends here no prescription how them to dry it all It depends on how you want was put to eat it already but now it's up to us Tomorrow's suspension out here such little thing that's so let us repeat
  • 12:54: cooking recipes Bon Appetit Happy holidays May Day and the good enjoy with all sorts of delicacies natural to until the next video