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  • 00:00: about the evening visitors youtube channel and good Mother of all trades Today we close cucumbers direct promises or without vinegar us I need cucumber I leave leaves currant garlic I'll ukolchik dry leaves horseradish and horseradish root and even the most interesting know that the leaves oak or Akita tannins them we must put it
  • 00:30: pickles ever torments cool this is the best of both to come up with the affected this situation, I will prompt on the go market and take buy a broom oak broom that It sells for a bath if you do not opportunities anywhere find oak leaves You go and buy use it to cucumbers preservation Direct ambassador here we I took the oak in
  • 01:02: we have in the yard growing forest far here I use it silently gradually take and use the is our crown he put on a good and it misses will be cool too sweet
  • 01:32: Well, as always, we take should be laid on the bottom dill horseradish leaves oak leaves and horseradish currant somewhere toddler or February 3 chive but I If I cut more I have such a krupnenky 23 Skirt is now attacks become more difficult put pepper peas
  • 02:04: fasten pepper And remember how oven-it is as neither sleep nor poverty rose slightly pour dancing to 5 and all before so how close we them more and Getafe cucumbers soaked 3 hours and now plan
  • 02:34: as always great at We falls to the bottom and already there as reducing well laid three o'clock no water near the shore of my and because in the middle of the banks cucumbers we also she take and put green oak leaves horseradish and even forgotten
  • 03:05: horseradish root well chips do and laid on you can add eating grass on the attack but also Now we take shift the and in the midst of the banks still green garlic Oak leaves are also still
  • 03:41: to pain and so on top He added to the top put fill
  • 04:21: Cold then Now we have it and not to dilute the salt I remember incomplete salt concession dilute with a little water and We put on 3 days per sorrel pokamist themselves cucumbers we sour or take a mortar and put
  • 04:53: obtained by large two tablespoons without slides but you either have who has more old Mortar it three Fourth salt pile and we fall asleep dilute in a small amount some water well then do will fill some 5 people I then finished
  • 05:23: once it boil when they are sour Now take add dried Head Come on, these filled closed
  • 05:54: a nylon cover not ordinary left cool place to Three days is not long zakisnet But in principle, pokamist 1 stage these cucumbers closing direct or Ambassador without vinegar to be continued It took us three days Three days ago, T-shirts enrolled our cucumbers they have it already wandered take on
  • 06:24: ovalchik his pipe acidic it from us or no husband acidic ie can average mediocre edge good acid we take pour watch literally boils
  • 06:54: two or three minutes let Prokip and will grab boiled our solution take or fill Statement flaw Of course in these
  • 07:24: cucumber smell when I was not in full swing not like the flavor We pour a very full bank and rolls. take and close principle and ready our and its cucumbers It can be just about any way
  • 07:56: the vinaigrette use and eat anything at all enjoy all appetite good luck to your cucumbers were very tasty and crispy your family and your guests ate them with pleasure in all and good bye share your recipes with friends in all social networks good