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  • 00:00: Hello we are now we will make a new water lock principle Now that the water seal a thin tube I arranged all until recently but Tess last foamed and foam scores gas ceased so I decided
  • 00:32: remake You can certainly do that's the way just put and in the thick hose the lid and jar water, but it is to me too not quite like because of its size so I now want to make little more more Compact means that I need to do will be here this Cover 5 liter bottle is such
  • 01:02: bottle of juice Biola syringe 20 cubes Well, a piece of tubing pvc thick diameter but often this try something do you need for center to make openings
  • 01:30: Wallpaper pads here very visible the entire center so little it extend This is true Now you can have
  • 02:02: even Drake
  • 02:30: letters can be in a hurry make a few time that was and accurately and can be further use I have hairs such an interesting trick picked for that
  • 03:03: very good comfortable the main thing to do quickly any holes diameter actually is not important overdo says goodbye to such neat hole Come here to guess this diameter to
  • 03:30: our hose went there very close to me hanging because of this It depends leaks your connection about retina just as we do with second Now wait
  • 04:03: the second and kroshik absolutely do too most in no hurry since the second I have a cap no try to make
  • 04:31: first time
  • 05:07: as it is fine this It will look like in this way
  • 05:30: a the guise of it will have to be tion steeper vatsya here will be wound here such feature which must be cut about here is how
  • 06:22: ring can be removed It will be more interesting
  • 06:36: take the first syringe to me You need to save inside embed this a
  • 07:40: excellent panda went
  • 08:02: make I have holes and other We are doing so. liko baby
  • 09:12: I do not
  • 09:31: through will not leave the air I have not guessed for what is needed air outlet excellent picking points I am very pleased that
  • 10:00: I have I bought it on ebay it is worth while about $ 11 Now they fell It stands outside the May 6 dollars that's at I have about three year for the third year a little longer caught because I tried fellow xiii We had extended
  • 10:31: she will buy another can be like her I honestly hone I am saying I do not know but it home already bought so bewitched new buy no matter how miserably So
  • 11:01: That's how it will be our there can be little undercut at all quote
  • 11:32: take the glue on soldering iron pressed on more there is not really easy to work
  • 12:01: so include a soldering iron temperature of 200 I not just less It is 200 degrees and fine poison mode bit hotmelt
  • 13:01: well now Andre to and make you can even make differently long and here hot melt there will be more careful
  • 14:16: so slowly
  • 14:37: not accept like this all had been but not more than heels small pieces on just in case another you can edit
  • 15:10: USA but on the other hand also
  • 15:43: and now this hole should be about already commandment It can be the same hot melt can just soldering iron
  • 16:15: to have small sealed so not very nice still take the first edge Inkerman
  • 16:45: like this ready All our thermo valve ready
  • 17:04: twirl here I pour a little water here and cheat on a bottle of wine or to brew and we turned little neat water seal all Thank you for your attention all while
  • 17:35: but even so small we supplement the water level is not should be higher than the inner tube so I took and still shortened to you do not accidentally pour more water here happened even neater thats all bye Bye
  • 18:01: well, so here it is bitter in the black thanks for all Attention