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  • 00:09: Hello dear Friends again today with you Center be happy and I Center instructor be happy Oksana cow pony today we are with you We do a very simple easy system for spine it will take you just a 10-20 minutes but excellent you all prison the backbone of sacrum to the same
  • 00:31: it struck the traffic is very simple special friends training is required and most importantly, these exercise can gently without making sudden movements trying to synchronize with breathing necessarily when the breath begins Here begins motion when does it start Rest here and movement begins let's try this perhaps
  • 01:01: First, we do not tooth in reserve knees hands put we am repelled hands from the hips and thighs and be Akira makushechku back at waist it falls on floor and gently spine begins stretch themselves you can feel that the top pulled actively back good then straightening the legs carefully back of head interspersed with slippers forward spreads
  • 01:31: the whole body and then We derive from the tone arm palms up and We are starting to necessarily synchronizing with no breath no sudden movements making and will not hurry us you 7 this turn left right on the head exhale back pause on the right inspiration back on the exhale and I keep moving a little quiet
  • 02:03: head must necessarily rolls over occipital bone the kitchen is not throwing back not to wring the neck
  • 03:01: finish right if omitted you may need to to stand on He leaned his elbows will introduce The solution is necessarily lower back They were placed, and the tents again, from whom they increased up rearrange right rate top left slipper on his finger and We start always with the left side of breath while we make sure to the teeth does not want not strained masseter and not strained wrist
  • 03:31: and your fingers with but the same bending fingers you should stay finishing bending omit it from the left I start right when symmetric mode works when there it is right on top of the price We begin right
  • 04:10: ending with right me Yarmouk again you need to get up itself was and now the right foot We put ourselves Freeman thigh turn will
  • 04:30: therefore deepen very carefully do not aspire to lenovo to give pillars drop to the floor motion must be comfortable for you amplitude starting with the left side problem inhale exhale Paul returned to share in this quiet system shaving
  • 05:03: awliya La Paz and it omit it I starting from the right sides
  • 05:31: finished right omit though I did not I see promotions pulling at the table and a good hand in hand and now eventually through the side stretch yourself and sensors to leave soles mat soft his finger I said simply huge knock and start motion so However, very soft and smoothly left on h roll back again
  • 06:01: I pay attention mung the fact that the head is not I read over again naturally when you making the Chamber and movement is to some extent on the you are making complex strain and you do not great head starts tip over a little so be sure to making sure that too and important come off extended
  • 06:30: last rights and violence as a gusenichka now right cattle. on top of polishing peasants feet still here and starts moving left inhale exhale returned halibut
  • 07:34: ending with right well, you can omit to apply logy and bent legs still get caught tell poyasnichka dad straighten blades this money in hand legs over the side and pulled thigh as close to stomach foot on and begin to move in hand breath
  • 08:29: well the last time
  • 08:31: right then straighten legs crisis lap must lie on the floor of the foot together if necessary many can be a little under a knees to the angle between the torso and buckets was an island not used to eating more not stupid old hand and begin to move vyhi on the left leg right head Drains are drawn heels
  • 09:00: the opposite side and side skills on return place very smoothly trying Bezrukov take exactly as how and fell to pause after exhalation exhalation new think
  • 09:35: 6 gently lift legs bend legs lap Again 10am model This light was pull the leg pulls ahead Well this and when pulled fit kids glasses telling his hands
  • 10:02: from someone relaxes and watch as is clear you feel your spine how he became warmer can It is even longer since from developed around to the periphery of the body well short relax after this output pull your hands I call back
  • 10:30: legs pulled up to Statement carefully turn around Mom and not strain climb Well that's all this small complex and simple help improve circulation improve tissue trofiku deep muscles You do this comic and be health of your good you had a company