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  • 00:00: Hello Dear viewers and our subscribers channel my name Igor and I am an expert in plants today He will talk about that this summer planting among gardeners By the way, even lovers experienced there the view that the plants It can be planted in open soil open ground only in autumn or spring in This is basically a but it correctly well if you take a sapling
  • 00:30: bare-root system but the last while if you come in the garden center plant usually sold in the containers and such Plants can be planted virtually any time of year and so from itself is container system many gardeners think that before selling Plants put in a capacity and a it is covered with earth not plant grown right here in such a capacity periodically as its growth it
  • 01:00: rolled over into a more more large volume capacity well Generally for us gardeners benefit from such container method of cultivation the benefits of plants there are several in First, if you properly eject plant from container without disturbing root system you it can plant almost any season permitting Of course if the weather no severe frost spring and summer autumn second, you can always see plant
  • 01:30: flowering or fertile as here we have the month of July we decorative apple in all its glory Now hang a small remarkable if apples look over there there somewhere hydrangeas Rose blooming ie coming to the garden you c immediately buying plant immediately define it best quality even check and grade whether you sell on Indeed that It is written on the label And the third the advantage of buying plants in containers is that
  • 02:00: you do not necessarily You have to run and feverishly it plant on the same day it you will perfectly exist yet long enough time you can choose carefully you can place prepare for this planting dig a hole the right size one word approach time of landing feeling more efficiently Another interesting one container plants have so called on the Kamov and here these plants plants using special machinery without damaging the roots dig up the root pack system
  • 02:30: sackcloth and fidelity pack even in metal net already in garden center Plants are for normal functioning the root system necessarily connected to the system drip irrigation by the way if you buy yourself Kamov is on and plant to plant on the site you no need to remove the wire is not necessary remove the burlap just three months in the ground, they begin dissolve and the root system quietly through it all sprouts Now this question how well
  • 03:00: seat container plants well, as I have already I told in no case can destroy the root system usually they are very easy takes out So to condemn and formed completely root system respectively pit to dig more than root system than but usually at least centimeters by 20 what to the root system could well evolve at least During the first year 2 respectively fill this one span needed special mixture if you take
  • 03:30: leafy plant then take one of the black peat one part sand and one part say rotted manure or compost but if you take for planting coniferous here's this plant mixture should do you are a little bit different You take one part sour ginger torpaq the so-called one part sand and one part of the land nearest pine forests and here's this zemelku and fall asleep all the space around the root
  • 04:00: system once again on the first year of the first two years you your plant will provided excellent all substances that he needed to grow in What is the advantage summer planting plants Well coming to the garden center, you can immediately objectively evaluate status of your favorite plants you no need to wait until Spring when she wakes up as a case autumn planting immediately see blooming healthy living and while planting summer, plants enough
  • 04:30: time for good and rooting it It means that it is well will take the winter well, finally coming to or in a garden center nursery in the summer as the rule here is empty There are no large the influx of visitors Well, unfortunately we still many people buy or autumn or spring just because managers who work with house the center will pay you full attention and tell about your chosen an instance of maximum information so Today he told the features and benefits summer
  • 05:01: planting I hope to convince you is that even hot Summer did not reason to abandon gardening Well, I'm with you on this goodbye, see our videos on subjects better subscribe In our video channel on youtube hope you all get