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  • 00:00: Tibet
  • 00:31: is impressive beauty of nature which itself amazing and mystical ancient knowledge and wisdom land where the show everyday miracles a hidden life country which protect the most highest mountain in the world to fifties Tibetan population was almost complete isolation from the outside world number one American journalist traveler lavor Thomas called Tibet abroad silence
  • 01:02: earth is now closed mystical kingdom shrouded mountain mist and Perched high Himalayas to the most on top of the world According to Thomas, this land attracts researchers and travelers his mystery 1930 Peter Kelder He described the history of this traveler old english Colonel who
  • 01:32: interested the oldest legends on fountain of youth came to Tibet where I lived for several years and only after I found what he was looking for came back home Colonel became one from those hermit monks who owned secret knowledge and able to achieve state of eternal a young man he had brought with is the secret fountain of youth 5 ritual is nothing but 5
  • 02:02: simple exercises Which can learn any people and practicing get amazing tRUE pleasure book Peter caldera I had millions followers which is applicable in life ritual actions awaken their natural healing power the body 5 ritual life force passing through the points
  • 02:32: on the back forms energy vortexes ancient teachings 7 describes such points that located on midline of the body sequentially from lower part for spine shadows through these eddy nodal we get the point space energy which supports life in our body energy vortexes very fast rotate in a healthy the body but when the body ill or
  • 03:02: aging whirlwind slow down and It is a violation balance between the the first goal of the ritual first ritual accelerate and otbalansirovat energy vortexes stand up straight stretching hand in hand on shoulder level, palms down We start smoothly rotate clockwise arrow breathe smoothly We try to rotate
  • 03:34: at one place easier to keep balance if all time to look into one at rotation point body fast turning the head and catch the given point in end of the exercise add up to a palm chest level and concentrate focus on large fingers if you have Difficulty with the first Make it a ritual very slowly if first ritual still do not
  • 04:04: turns to perform leave it to then start with second ritual later again try and the first ritual continue until long as it does not turn finish it without any problems second ritual second ritual you You need a mat yoga or ordinary measles to provide spine convenient
  • 04:34: position Lie on your back hand hands along the body tightens down feet to yourself to I turned right angle expiratory draw in the stomach to breath tightens head and chest simultaneously raising straightened legs vertically upwards with exhale slowly back to starting position and relax with the next breath We try to bring
  • 05:04: legs even closer to head back to initial position We relax and re inhale exhale if there back problems follow exercise more easy option do the same but first lift knees up and then shin return its original position in reverse order breath
  • 05:39: at the end of exhalation exercise lying on back hands are placed palms up relax breathe slowly and deeply 3 ritual for third ritual folded the mat under your knees to get up them back straight
  • 06:09: We rely on your toes chest leaning forward palm place on the sides hips as you exhale tilt your head chest deep breathing carefully tilts her head ago lifting the chest then exhale back to initial position tilt your head forward and repeat an exercise leans back on as far as
  • 06:39: allow your spine eventually you can be tilted more and more breath exhalation then inhale again and exhalation at the end of the exercise sit on your heels lean forward
  • 07:09: touching his forehead against the back breathe the palm side slowly and deeply 4 rituals for the fourth We sit on ritual mat stretching her legs forward resting his hands on floor back straight feet pulled up to Statement on the exhale omit breasts head
  • 07:39: inspiratory zaprokinuv head back lift the hips and body in a horizontal position linger a second exhalation back to initial position relax after which on inspiration repeat the exercise pause for breath give me a sec exhalation breath
  • 08:15: Stuck exhale breath lingered exhalation We finish the ritual sitting bent legs resting on the forearm
  • 08:45: knees Breathe slowly and deep 5 ritual 5 ritual better perform on the mat or some not slippery surface the beginning of exercise We accept the original emphasis lying position arms straight over the width shoulder hands up against the floor pulling legs
  • 09:16: back down the thigh as low as possible breathe and tilts her head back on inspiration tilt your head chest high thigh lift perfect execution the ritual is considered when in this position back arms and legs direct repeat next exhale breath
  • 09:47: exhale breath exhalation exhale breath at the end of the ritual
  • 10:19: We sit down on his feet leaning forward with arms outstretched putting the forehead on the mat toes apart along the heel breathe deeply to begin 5 rituals recommended perform Well subsequent schedule 6 ritual
  • 11:04: 6 ritual, we recommend those who lead abstemious image life this ritual releases sexual energy and using it all seven and energy points will be in harmony We get up right chest forward draw in belly and exhale lean forward slightly bent legs his hands on knees and completely squeezing of yourself
  • 11:34: air after exhausting We straighten camping with arched back upright with retracted abdomen do not put your hands inhaling lifting the shoulders to the hips allot elbows back and we press the palms down We do not breathe as much as possible longer then down shoulders slowly breathe fill light air from the bottom upwards then exhale slowly through the mouth We repeat this ritual
  • 12:04: at least three various full exhalation breathe slowly through the nose exhale through the mouth slow and smooth breath short review
  • 12:36: rituals hero ritual hands hand at the level of shoulders rotate smoothly write evenly We concentrate on one point at the end exercises So they add up together concentrate focus on large fingers 2 ritual supine inhale raise
  • 13:07: feet vertically head stretches the chest when you exhale omit leg or in the lung option first raise bent knees then straighten feet up We relax breathe evenly 3 ritual exhale tilt your head chest on inspiration
  • 13:37: flex ago head thrown back back bends chest relax bending put his forehead on the back side palm breathe 4 evenly ritual We are sitting right on the exhale chest bow their heads inspiratory throw back head back raise Petrov delayed by
  • 14:08: second exhale back to initial position relax bending feet and bowed forward head 5 ritual accept emphasis lying position at arm's length, and omit the thigh at exhale, arch camping head thrown back back when inhaling thigh lift
  • 14:38: head bowed chest relaxing stretched forth breathe exactly 6 ritual chest forward when cant exhale forward on hands lap elbows to the sides fully exhale air rises plunging belly shoulders up hands on
  • 15:08: thighs, palms davim slow down exhale through the nose slowly exhale through the mouth Hands move down along the body relax and breathe evenly several useful tips hoard ritual to start Do not be
  • 15:40: worried if you do not you can perform ritual and since we show 5 of rituals is not available only advanced practitioners but also by who constantly their if he performs or other ritual is not is not that strain after after a couple of days try run it again try to do it until but will not overdo 5 perform rituals
  • 16:10: regularly every day in the correct sequence if you do not have time or perhaps even in this case perform better though have two or three rituals and Che I do them quite to perform rituals best time This morning, it is desirable right after wake up at You can engage in Anytime twenty one repetition 5 rituals in the day will more than enough not do more worth but if you
  • 16:41: You feel the forces that can execute them daily double morning and evening lead time ritual Breathe slowly and deep completely filling lungs when you feel it can no longer do concentrate on that your body as early as next stage of development 5 rituals in practice
  • 17:18: Now you will see 5 ritual in practice each exercise of five rituals will It shows three times look close to the end after all the exercises Then do it yourself at your rhythm a
  • 19:20: at
  • 20:09: performing rituals at 5
  • 21:48: proposed graphics you will understand These exercises It is very simple and they will have on your life such a positive the effect of which you We could not even dream