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  • 00:00: Hello dear skilled workers with you Olga today we make gum snow tulips for that we It needs to lace width 4 cm length length of 30 cm take white light thread fasten the end or at the beginning of lace and We sew our segment hereinafter called our lace is very
  • 00:30: cut secured take a diameter of 5 centimeters and We focus on the circle shape our purchase our gum in this moment I tucked lace 17 Now I sew it sly fastening click
  • 01:07: seamy side Next, we were sealed same piece of felt our wrong side of the volcanoes and so is such a zagotovochka we now we got It needs beads diameter 3 millimeter and fishing line thin olenska in diameter e.g. 0 18 see me at the usual fishing line we fix our fishing line
  • 01:38: on the felt from the wrong side and we will be its on the front side and can be output can be not to say the main Our task is now flash means fishing line lace brim done carefully invisible stitches and Now on top of We are surrounded by the edge we sew our 3 TRS hesitation
  • 02:08: when you sew he decoration try in any case, the pull sharp to lace It lays flat and the city so that's what we It happened now our rosette precisely also taking lace small stitches on the felt and fasten leaving a small tail and start to making our flowers to fingers on the neck years
  • 02:38: two and a half centimeter length segment 20 so take ribbon and our bend to his confidence and by itself this movement you constantly repeats to himself and from himself and anchoring after a pin you learn technique
  • 03:08: formation tulip kanzashi the possibility is not a fixed pin just sew your preform again to and of himself, and again anchoring pin So again bend Feed yourself and by yourself anchoring bulavochkoy attention fourth time you You will bend cops
  • 03:38: only to themselves only Me and the top will overlay start our segment of the bent to her and imposed from above Lena and soul here in This form sealed pins So our billet Now we are ready We can not take that
  • 04:08: tape and live our square sewn We will feature earlier try make small stitches that when mourning will level I usually when sewn and pan kanzashi and leave and We started in the tail then just end the theme for the month it turns sborochkoy when you reach the
  • 04:38: place where you imposed a tape to another beginning and the end neatly cut pay and edge and so we passed the assault plan and you pulled for our strings that we left on his forehead Quincy and here we formed a Flower now we tying and prune our tyulpanchik ready we need five
  • 05:08: or in the bath attendants each gum is now we are going to do leaves belt width 20 half centimeters in length segment add up to 80 our leaflet as show again add up Now overturn our zagotovochku makes folds at the bottom foxes. you can do
  • 05:38: using candles Lighter in my case, you can simply live thread once again show that you it was clear in this way and anchoring strength Now we cut off this time I want to draw your Attention last time when We will rose kanzashi such as leaflets with Using tweezers, we We did not flat such as would
  • 06:09: sharp little if I decided rezinochek do little for others do not pay I note clamp leaf easily you flat you can easily inserted three donuts five pieces on helped as each rezinochku start stick our leaves tree leaf glue together compound lace and like this leaflet now fully practically will be fully
  • 06:39: worth close location connection that course was certainly beautiful and so five stuff well, paste it and now we We will paste into the 1st stamens folded half each leaf and so stamen our all glue, and now we we will sew
  • 07:10: and paste. for this will require big puppies diameter of approximately CDs only fishing line 018 then fixed twine me inside out O on the front We sewed our side the line inside of a tulip how are we going to tyulpanchik of stringing beads and sew
  • 07:44: even inside I remember I want to note that the I was originally a fishing line sew double weight and as I repeated this movement twice that is, I twice and sews tyulpanchik bead obtained final result This circle is not to the side of the road she stitched with 4 thin fishing line he now we
  • 08:14: glue and tulip I think that it will be enough to hold strong and the same we must do with all our building blocks after we all sewn tyulpanchiki on the reverse side we stuck a felt base diameter 3 centimeter it will hide fully our
  • 08:45: our tails bowls gum stood out very careful left stick and secure eraser and so take rezinochku put on her queen and are glued to our basis
  • 09:16: We can help network further take small otrezochek with felt insert our and the first rezinochku Apply glue case between the felt and we put rubber bands anchoring clamp wait until hardens and then will
  • 09:48: Apply glue to our wings first with one attaches one side to and then another So our gum ready I hope this video you turned Remember helpful not comment on it
  • 10:18: put her assessment Thank you for watching