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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners as always you found Julia and I have it on my channel dissolved in garden vegetable garden Today we have with you will talk about green tomatoes etc. marvel Do not be surprised about Green is on green here about such green fruit of many Now there was a trouble and, in general, tomatoes sick phytophthora many are trying their
  • 00:30: break off putting to so that they at home We passed the stage but alas they ripen blacken and their accounts I throw my tomato lifted today the street for to show you that's it's pickled workpiece and pickled tomatoes it's cold very fashion way good very successful very tasty they turn out well, as bull you very
  • 01:00: delicious tomatoes well Well someone pickle red and someone Needless to green I'm frustrated because they do not they are my sick just to show you this is the way to although I always salt also green tomatoes Well Well for that we tomatoes need we need mustard powder cold water from under Crane sugar salt black pepper
  • 01:31: As usual list dill leaf sorry currant cherry leaf horseradish leaf garlic and dill Well let us you begin to one bank I put I dill fennel when the salt generally Here's the blank I cold billet you want to open I have a little secret I like to do them outdoors in the open
  • 02:00: outside in the garden to was not at home is not dirt anything you see all fray, we do not have to sterilize so it is better to doing street We put our blood here so I do not I cut just put on I put the bottom here is a small horseradish leaf again Still, I did not and I cut so here, as it were He crumpled up and put some leaves blackcurrant I put a few whole
  • 02:30: but leaves sufficiently leaf 4 cherries on somewhere some peppercorns here and so 6 can be more black peppercorns we put the necessary garlic in all our preform which it's salty which color we Garlic does not regret because they obtained delicious fragrant like this on the bottom of a large
  • 03:00: pieces we are cut like that garlic Garlic has always put in one We put our garlic so now what Let us tomatoes I put the tomatoes here so that's where I stalk them a little here and so knife pierces it It can be done with a fork this can be done toothpick than anything but sure We need to do a puncture
  • 03:32: our tomatoes better better He loves anus with no regrets you and fennel But when would put polbanochki our green tomatoes let's still with you here And so it peristyle It gives such a fragrance and the taste of tomatoes is very delicious and so I took girl special still show that the fork and pierce yucca more convenient in You get it all
  • 04:01: Now pierce with side where peduncle more tomatoes or stalk you say but chews but 'There must be someone first time canned by him it is necessary to tell and to teach them all that's happened because after all, as the note well so beautiful over there author and looks they are pretty well as our bank
  • 04:31: delicious extraordinary obtained and most importantly that their can be used for their salad can be used rassolnik for yes and just with potatoes very well, tasty like this that we put be sure to top you put more horseradish horseradish leaf here more like this sideboards and it does not give mold formed there We took dill umbrellas
  • 05:01: That's how the top further put so well, that and now we have to you begin our fill we need us It requires cold water on three liters liter per liter of water at liter of liquid with you leaves per liter of poured have you dining
  • 05:31: salt spoon tablespoon salt tablespoon granulated sugar Here and teaspoon mustard and tea mustard spoon we put mustard necessarily all mix well should stir that our salt solution and
  • 06:03: fill our tomatoes stir constantly and Guy pour our Our pickle cucumbers here salt almost But if dissolved
  • 06:32: portion of the house per liter you I know I will never Lisa had I make a liter of fluid so the water will not be enough we did not have one we liters of brine We must do to you take a tablespoon spoon of salt tablespoon sugar and a teaspoon of mustard Well, you can do
  • 07:01: calculation about to estimate how much you preserves tibanna and how you can be make a right pickle but here I recommend to you You know from experience I noticed when start increase the dose here let's take immediately three liters of water and calculation is well any deviations and once he generally did not I hate this delicious stir very carefully to our salt with you disappeared here
  • 07:31: mustard it was necessary we put all of the brine our ready and we again you fill our tomatoes fill here so our tomatoes them close conventional cover normal caproic Cover for cold conservation like this Now we close by
  • 08:00: tomato and cucumbers that I want say that after all the best of them at once clean in cold many say writing there is not they consist home there two days you know it I do not have the right I always do what I and immediately made intent in the cellar can but they will be painted a little bit longer but they be strong elastic and very, very tasty another there but
  • 08:31: general set question here is work on the bugs to salted cucumbers Brine was first let transparent and then once it became but does not dull forget it pickled and murz and the pickled tomatoes they have salted way fermentation As we speak paint over and Zack your way I'm here, we keep them so always brine to be cloudy
  • 09:00: first, then with Well, all the time settles and brine It is transparent there is another but when you set removed passes them to the cellar somewhere about two weeks I will look their names salted tomatoes and salted cucumbers they can themselves brine and soak the top can be enough brine when you open cover divorce
  • 09:32: what proportion here for this Conservation is there for tomato or cucumber there as salt is all mustard developed and then added again Banks should have always be full brine here and so this way you can close green on fools and salt and pickled tomatoes but will you It can be the same way close and red
  • 10:00: tomatoes, too obtained very very tasty and very very good a pretty way to the way well, taste like cask It is obtained as tomatoes or cask as we did with you previously cask cucumbers Well here Perhaps in this I I finish my a a report about how I your tomatoes for the winter I do salty tomatoes for the winter well,
  • 10:31: well pleasing to you tasty blanks like all good always with you was julia me and on its channel in the garden Do in the garden till