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  • 00:00: welcome all viewers my channel all subscribers especially beginners hams and as open new video new cycle a series where we will look at the swami design who think it will be useful for a home lab beginner to amateur business conditions of all kinds Probes hectares stop possible where radio components transistors stadiums Stabilizer intoxication, etc. Plus, this will give old things new life or say
  • 00:31: differently Well let's alter the percentage useful things that which percentage of currently irrelevant or blood uncomfortable and make it more understandable I will now show that we do here this we battery which has acquired the accordion 2 from his former client at the same time subscriber it on February 8 th the percentage of autonomous soldering iron is powered by three worked under fire
  • 01:01: that it is extremely inconvenient to me why I decided remake First off it is powered by such Battery life is held every times certainly buy such batteries and extremely disadvantageous second in order to make this soldering iron everyday we need to do it as a be user-friendly and energy independent it is not convenient in that here we are in Canada fans are accustomed to the circular shape soldering irons to keep such a long soldering cumbersome schemes quite uncomfortable, at least for me
  • 01:31: he is very competent but Form uncomfortable in general third inconvenience this button it is without so you have to keep fixing back there held that the soldering iron canopies and cheap Chinese contacts here in fact it to anyone as long as one year contacts who joined zhelezjaki Protsenko and can say without problems in soldering time to be considerate and UAH LED goes out that is it is necessary to press button as much as possible harder
  • 02:02: so to speak this is so You can use the course as n battery Now rechargeable battery but Practice shows that he said metal Hydride say here, these also run out of steam I quickly even 3000 mm Perry presented here m where the seven minutes five minutes can be work no more P well, but then I took appealed removed'll show you how
  • 02:32: there is a heater UNDP does not know to be honest, ceramic or wire this I can not say but warm pretty quickly there 5 m 7 seconds to complete heating I put the lithium ion battery bank box meal and wondered what he for a long time the whole thing worked and so I decided to use it a battery Here is an example of the convenience of having it all compact and have a fairly
  • 03:01: Bolshevik large capacity can be children into different containers so for example the battery I at 3600 hours but that Chinese shit so actual capacity there is not more than 1700 of less than 5 hours I think You can use a standard but 1400 mAh declared more compact but at the same time is very short stays One great place that is n It may be due from this space using a large battery
  • 03:32: so the focus of the wolf judges came the question as if I replace the batteries here are 4 m where already checked it over a few months of their capacity correspond to the real that is here its capacity of 2000 2100 battery but also keeps a very long time so it is here it is we will use if there is a bank in the old notebook It is precisely because of the laptops there It is used as the right battery
  • 04:00: pretty good pretty big Capacity is using it is their what we will do in the course of this interview we just cut off here this just not remove but under the old m java holder and the percentage of create a kind of body the clothing he will stand, I do not I decided she'll need to think this direction in a recent video put the battery will supply switch Vodkin uncomfortable because my daughter can
  • 04:31: use it fixed clip switch at the entrance of all this I did some Metering is particularly a sc consumption This failure of the battery shall be cases of heaters because it will consume them to You need to pick off but her I think everything is clear now I will all be cut with the help of machines Bor bears on but still show you what's inside It is but within m here
  • 05:02: in general, anything here we holder which is very unfortunate that complaints percent gas springs but as the battery terminals and now there such as a piece of iron button I suspect that the outflow then about 1 quite large to be otherwise would be absorbed put what the low-power signal to the market want the whole thing is very cheap husband Toom
  • 05:30: just too lazy to use as acutely but it will be normal button pursed rather incidentally m ton body can not cut back on leave PC LED Dome is not even useful we immediately stop this division all set aside from the campaign changed his mind trim body dad as possible use what the other body more convenient for our needs Well actually see contacts here
  • 06:02: practically cut off or not well okay then we have contact in the middle of this plus or minus no matter however is not here Polarity want while gas for LEDs the polarity of course there m and in the central body is with us Neva so let's start thinking on your account
  • 06:30: body body seems to use It has got a battery and at the same time convenient held in the hand in the second part of the video clip there were some problems related they are connected structure does not become a major SGU just on some issues so the percentage will not speak very clear I think so hopefully forgive power loss to yes ps pronunciation as okay
  • 07:00: My problem then so it was done and I decided to still use from this body in front of it holders for the hall grounds simply using combat machine cut fairly comfortable firmly and can be combined with virtually any the housing of the two halves when more because we mass
  • 07:31: here and there a second like heaters come through weight is a little bit rutube pledged to that is paid some of your soldering m pretty easy to do with a care help so fat or expressed soldering Slots those who will say an hour does not care that element will he intended Putting them on the melt In fact nothing happened see the factory's contact list, too, prices
  • 08:01: for us to deal with a conventional soldering designers have here is not very high because the temperature a heating element It is directly in front of of our complaints what's next return I decided to give up the body for the battery itself that is Battery we will in the horn body as a body ASOA why because he found a few tonnes in that would be great but they come
  • 08:30: quite large losses subway battery for the same food but climbs uncomfortable kept can be used here is a sport in the cartridge recession booze use a plastic pipe and suitable diameter but it is uncomfortable so on that right now, more than an hour on STV in the front part will actually located complaints soldering That's about as then we will have some body where we will have the right to set
  • 09:02: switch on our own body drop the battery and probably in the end we will also some of the housing the court in which the connector will be located for ie charging I decided to use it just in the process of punish it cleanly beat then we'll do a little lotion seeing charge controller and to give election and it will be convenient for those that we can directly
  • 09:30: But if your computer port to charge our guy but already he wanted to say but in fact this but we figured out how it will be built and more about connecting contacts I'm here with this piece that we close End is shaken face like document and the contact of the bmw is convenient because it can be wire harness them to easily connect
  • 10:01: through the switch network to plug as a heating element and this one which will contact the back side with the opposite side should of course those in the front part with using wires can be connected but it will turn out, we did not ask why we we will use here are the connective contacts with copper which can be found and moisture many curators laptops this control
  • 10:30: fully charge very good payment sorry that I can not apply anywhere Well these wires for our business Samaras has fairly large area that is UES really no problem and the pour is very beautiful very convenient for our purposes Well, about I hour the whole thing home gather together and We will continue to heat testing soldering Iron
  • 11:01: many probably now want to see what eventually happened and and Here's a compact kid got abrasion home farm of course because nothing girlfriends th normal not found passing soldering looks pretty well if you say mask network names relaxes can be clad with carbon for example I am very love to use him
  • 11:31: their makeshift design mask all and we are worse than soldering iron factory even better a lot better by the fact that size it we compare Now this soldering iron but it is about convenience it will be very convenient let's briefly explained and still want said that after a year, two, three days after publication for a long time its material online
  • 12:02: orange UrBK point I'll make a full photo overview and what is left-over can can be many being interested in project, I think that there are people because really comfortable things happened I was even for me personally than dissatisfied I myself certainly Well, since we Pacolli ATOR It can be recharged directly do not absolve
  • 12:31: help her beat Spartak yes built-in ready, I decided to do it all the whole thing is how to fix ul of using the material of the curve materials did not use I thought that it is better to miss nothing about work time m autonomous operation can not say anything I did not measure the sense as going in a hurry that is exactly even not I can tell how much is enough but the battery
  • 13:01: Again, I thought the two three-day percentage early enough to fully percent test it and put it all together here are a couple of lines of the archive to write about the soldering site-century scheme court points article is the description of the video clip so I decided to light-emitting diodes LED LED permanently abandon but then I thought that in addition display does not hurt but the percentage of people simply LED
  • 13:30: retreat it was awkward to locate villages withdraw or rather yes I know sitting in vain glowing forgive part out therefore I will take just shut inside but it is all of these Irina goals at startup so turbid two similar pieces almost similar pieces tonnes triples from plastic solder to the cheap Chinese here so I looked this up before I
  • 14:02: him cut sliced ​​notched percent Testing Topolanek 0 3 5 minutes battery is not sought During this time it is very pleasing What about charging I thought sawing both can Portnov found on the Internet we are on the front plus a contact fire via wiring is not very nourishing background thin but not interfere because it Charger wire here is not over the origins The image of this would be enough
  • 14:31: and the basic error although even here this tire Said tenfold probably spare so well, let's try to understand the anything To begin, I asked simply melted usually comes from then on will heat the complaint Cossack second is for sure I can say As already said, it is not heated time So you see, you can have a hot complaint
  • 15:02: free solder problems how to make cloth to Dnipro make a hole in the end We have seen but let's take another hour without comment by music will be something you sing sport cohesion of the components to and if you liked the video please rate your dresses, I think that
  • 15:31: it is much like it is especially budding rally fans but even more possible this year the figure conventional soldering iron and solder stations Court adapt enter without problems but for me it is uncomfortable even though he improves the appearance of my soldering irons sight properly What about charging me separately pair of tank lines again I write the same with such as keep
  • 16:00: it than to drive into a convenient schematic diagram of charging too writers and even to this friends all without switching because we are going to will himself to music Do not forget of course to subscribe to my data channel share videos with Friends and delivers its Comments prada poor video I Ltd.
  • 16:39: VC square and during she is