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Kanzasha (kanzashi flowers) - a garland from beads the hands - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:02: Good afternoon, I name Olga Ivanova in this video I want tell how Make a garland of beads with their own hands so that we It requires low usually a thin fishing line beads of your choice
  • 00:30: Of course glue gun here I sliced cut of 10 centimeters and already on it on business Now carefully movements inflict glue on the line very it is important that the adhesive gun did not seem directly
  • 01:00: more because it is hot and significantly deforms droplets should be small after application droplets gently press down the book winter
  • 01:47: We purify our jar the unnecessary glue and obtained such Bylinkina weight
  • 02:06: cut edge Garlands it necessary for various Now on the left and our hero flower
  • 02:56: in the manufacture of similarly possible gelliant variations
  • 03:00: for example, you can dimensional stick single and linking together 2 when connected several beads you must glue applied between and connect to most if you have not yet glue gun you can take advantage of mobile bailiffs
  • 03:37: well, we happened do with Guerlain interests you not to use Only a circle of students too little bukovki or male figures I hope this video It will be useful to you Thank you for watching