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  • 00:00: Japanese fan pattern I I saw this pattern several model of the spring is very looks nice I have found for shemku this pattern Here is such a scheme and to be honest in this The scheme is very much that is incomprehensible here seems to be the beginning of this is the first series
  • 00:31: bound but at this point that it's all going wrong forged a scheme not that is correct and for this you need just in the opposite direction show other scheme where the order has changed that is contrary We start from here knit first row here and here So vyvyazyvayut series here
  • 01:01: these here for Vera In order to link here is a sample values need to dial forty-five loop's 45 so she five loops and 45 tie bar without sc scored forty five loops I notice 45 petelechku picking 5 more stitches 45 bar without knitting sc in next
  • 01:32: general, the first row simple air 5 five loops loops skip the bar 5 air without nakida loops in the sixth column and do arches passes here 4 loops I think that with the first number of difficulties are not will those tied here a first series he Generally it is easy that
  • 02:02: we do on all trick in this pattern It is here knitting just these veerochek here you need to dial 10 stitches and attach therefore, the pillar let's do four three four five six seven eight nine ten and attach to camping here this post with
  • 02:33: then we vyvyazyvayut this one here Vera like my knit 2 air hinges pivoted column without sc polustolbik with sc and two columns with one sc All this knit here a chain that is not in the loop
  • 03:05: but in here we have a chain of It turned out such faith chic turn to next to to associate should dial 7 stitches 3 4 5 6 7 and connecting column be strengthened there in the same place there from the center of our Vera will and also knit this lepestochek 2
  • 03:35: air hinges column, without sc polustolbik with sc 2 columns with one sc ro ready lepestochek due to the fact that we knit chain under these they are in general that's on it goes at the end all will be as the
  • 04:07: there may be no need to live through Again we do 7 stitches turn connective column knit the next tab wherein the loop aerial 2 column, without sc polustolbik with sc 2 columns with one sc and the last 7 also lepestochek
  • 04:40: air loops so also join connective loop aerial 2 column loop without sc polustolbik with sc 2 columns with one sc 1 Air loop and now
  • 05:10: we prize knit column without nakida here under this arches here such here at We had a chic faith Here is such a we tied first veerochek to we go to the second do these are the three arches
  • 05:40: and just knit 2 arochki of air 5 loops attach camping column, without sc 1 2 3 4 5 column without sc 1 2 3 4 5 balusters without sc and now
  • 06:15: the second knit here a faith that is snip 7 and air loops column, without sc 2 aerial loops and knit veerochek also we knit is our the first column without sc polustolbik with sc 2 columns with one
  • 06:47: sc but in general that The trick in this This pattern dovyazav veerochek ie here at We are in the range of 3 March third row fit is the basis for this Vera and so I think that the more It has in general so all
  • 07:17: understand the complexity It was the fact that in general, here is a diagram that I walked on the internet she was ill itself drawing simple but quite spectacular product variants associated this pattern in different color Solutions you can see my site link to the website and where you will scheme You find a video