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  • 00:00: hello today we will prepare most common dishes from mushrooms This mushroom spawn mushroom spawn we make of iron mushrooms dry here I He scored a quantity the fact that the cook mushroom spawn and that we it is necessary for this is still our necessarily need vegetable oil onion salt and pepper's
  • 00:33: all simple ingredients that needed for cooking mushroom spawn that we you must first do we need mushrooms put pan and pour boiling water somewhere minutes 30 is
  • 01:02: It is doing during this time they will deceive soft and it will allow us to them gently wash remove it first It called basic mud bugs that can stay All these mushrooms 1 procedure is ready can safely engage in other
  • 01:30: and 30 cases are closes So we passed 20 30 minutes of our mushrooms I soaked them right do you can see that they We are already here such Here's how to bend therefore not nothing is broken have mushroomed since the direct we have to do then we have to pour their small of water
  • 02:00: it is small the whole mushroom juice left in it mushrooms so actually bath water over the cover Only our mushrooms It can be a little bit more like this and so much enough now put of gas fall off it is necessary to fall off
  • 02:31: to put on medium heat well first fire can be great to bring water to Now and then boil natural fire it is necessary to subtract and also simmer a half hour can be covered by a lid that we will Now boil at this time we can safely do already
  • 03:01: onions that is, we need it cut and passaged for at pan on vegetable oil we shall cut onions onions it is desirable to cut not too Noise Maker no legs cool
  • 03:34: pour oil quite a bit of as it is in we come in itself mushroom spawn that is, that lubricated in our the same frying pan then go and mushrooms in our further removal pour onion
  • 04:12: he has just even become gold as well slightly whiten the there is so transparent But after this, you can will and time Skill off and wait already mushrooms and onions so
  • 04:31: We recorded a So he became transparent in this during our mushrooms brewed went somewhere already at the top of 15 minutes even as they lie and so our mushrooms cooked you can turn them off and Now what we need do we need
  • 05:00: little broth strain into a mug he told us then really useful We set aside repent side and mushrooms we once again wash out in cold water and Press so we
  • 05:32: mushrooms washed them here so they pressed no such signs water but would still it remains wet them pass through be a meat grinder run them through I had a meat grinder I use this small trick because mushrooms very beginning cool splash in all parties can splash cuisine here
  • 06:01: when she cranks it seems a court board to spray flying but look at the board as now it is all get and so here we are mushrooms provernuli can look at the board you see these spray flew right now You are either on the table or somewhere further but they
  • 06:32: all were here Yurikova suit that we do more more we have our cake mix salt and pepper to taste Here we broth that we We prepared for to play the whole game It was posochnee Now we will add here are many So this is where the that's one-fourth
  • 07:02: here is a part of broth and spread In a skillet with onions all laid out set on fire and simmer on an open fire that is without closing the lid stir constantly to the extent that we fluid
  • 07:30: added that there he whole broth Thank you evaporated, and we would remain in fact one oil we added is our mushroom spawn Well, you put out lead excess water therefrom it is now possible shift already bowl
  • 08:14: top I strew green handle pier all the dish is ready Bon Appetit