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  • 00:00: Hello dear craftswomen you Olga In this video, we'll do white trim Bank for So we begin to the work we Organza need to a soldering iron and iron patterns cut petals move the topsheet top and bottom petals forming two small folds to consolidate
  • 00:37: workpiece can be use a candle or for soldering a bandana It requires 12 petals via glue point crystal gay glue beads different diameters on the line terminal 5 cm wide tape and length 33 cm fold in half to form flower bud twice
  • 01:07: right angle bends and sews cut off and melted resulting culture digest the remaining part a horde of new tapes and buckled once, and second edge sewn cut off and melted and draw in
  • 01:39: fasten thread We begin to develop flower periodically its thread stitching satin ribbon
  • 02:24: width of two and a half centimeters and a length of 5 cm folded in half and melted Center it is necessary to bend the cut paper and as treat or edge during firing of fire buckle only the top what he saw of the sheet on the basis of the felt diameter 3 cm glue lap
  • 02:55: 7 petals first a number the last petal each row pasted here first second row It consists of 6 petals which also stick overlap garland of beads
  • 03:26: fold in half and glue CenterBank glue together two leaflets and as fixed in the center bank also the center of the bank, we
  • 04:04: decorate three arranged flowers stamen with small beads and prune divide by 2 and Apply glue to the center Flower and anchoring then what gum and glue secure small
  • 04:35: a piece of felt If you master class I liked not Remember to put huskies comment video as well as share it jeou friends necessarily subscribe to channel so as not to skip new thanks for the video review