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  • 00:09: hello today we want to offer you to read Equipment feet massage who enjoy big popular in massage industry this technique It is not only for wellness preventive purposes but also for anti stress situations for antistress trends in massage Here we you will produce massage movements on 1 stop for convenience
  • 00:31: technology demonstration respectively, after of all those All massage techniques at one stage will need to carry out all the same best practices on the opposite section that is on the opposite article to start must familiarize yourself with skin the cover for to produce proper technique we need to know that be sure that there are no contraindications contraindications this procedure skin will be diseases such as fungus fungus
  • 01:00: will need to get rid of more thorough and more right if this study will not make Spread illness after foot treatment special antiseptics cutaneous we antiseptics We produce massage motion massage movement can carried from the fingers to the ie heels ascending in the If people ticklish then best not better
  • 01:30: and all you need will hold over the surface there are entire palm and contact with massaging site must be the maximum possible produce small pressing this moment to person to remove the tickling sensation one hand in the case, we have a performs massage movement of the second hand It supports or gives support for massaged area
  • 02:07: massage movements everything starts from fingers ends at patch then we move more intensive exposed
  • 02:30: rub the the station and restaurant can be used different ways execution Here we We use you la donna and try maximally engages palmar surface hand to make appointment You can also go to the
  • 03:00: study of base portion palm You can also elbow the edge of the palm You can also go to the kneading pads large
  • 03:30: where four fingers thumb we will is the basis rubbing can produce all directions We treat each Thumb starting from the little finger further rise above and process directly plantar part
  • 04:07: it is also possible to amenities for not to get no it was necessary reboot joints own You can change the reception pads large fingers at the reception four pads where the finger against where four pads fingers will support
  • 04:36: not carefully are working all massaged surface
  • 05:26: after the grindings must go to kneading techniques
  • 05:30: fulling will need to perform forceps shaped ie produced massage movements first and second fingers grip you kneaded site this case and little finger We are working on it with three sides outer tea with knives the outer part light circular movements motion must be smooth follow techniques should be
  • 06:00: a deep well It is slow further pad finger when the data reception reception kneading should not be a pain
  • 06:31: next Thumb also in the same sequence subsequent finger
  • 07:03: and a large finger after treatment fingers must be go directly to joint we We make that be lightly lift the foot for
  • 07:31: To make it convenient to massage movements massage movements will also produce pads large starting with the thumb hand little finger soft circular movements that will start from lateral surface that is external and ends at internal surfaces of the first movement do surface to allow to them to adapt to the stress massage subsequent movement
  • 08:01: can be performed deeper repeat every the way two or three times
  • 08:30: Further go to the next zone also produce massage movements from outer surface to internal and pad of finger
  • 09:01: subsequent movement We produce slow and deep
  • 09:33: You can also produce massage movements four pads fingers the opposite sides then go to massage heel parts the first movement produces soft surface
  • 10:06: subsequent We produce more than deep Further treat We produce movement
  • 10:33: plus phalanx could that is, joints fix the finger and We produce movement Movement must be smooth soft they should not be painful treated each finger each
  • 11:00: joint further manufacture abd welcome infusion produced pad large strong fingers
  • 11:32: deep pressing me
  • 12:21: further manufacture grip the heel part and capture fingers and We produce extension
  • 12:33: this Further fix 4 joint with one hand 2 palm produce capture free fingers and produce motion capture We produce higher joint
  • 13:02: further follow-up Thumb also grab for 2 subsequent and dealt remaining
  • 13:50: then proceed the vibration engineering manufacture effect pads fingers across
  • 14:01: massaging the and intermittent vibration
  • 14:30: after finishing processing stops us it is necessary to heat wrap and enable rest for about five at this time we are minutes We can begin to processing next section this technique massage helps impact not only to directly parts of the body directly ream but also on the biologically active points and zones
  • 15:00: that are on this portion so Thus, we encourage work of all bodies body among that we also We produce effect relaxing action to stop stop and we have always involved in the process walking movement when running at a jump accordingly not experiencing any case of any physical activity especially in Everyday life when our girls the wife's mother go to high heels on their high platforms tired legs respectively this technique may be
  • 15:30: apply for foot relaxation recovery general vitality Thank you for attention be healthy