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Rooting of a rose from a bouquet. Is checked-works!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends I want to gardeners you today share one way rooting roses there is very many rooting and when Rose gives us very beautiful bouquet we are so in general that sometimes feel sorry for them leave when iq level and we trying to lose their radicalize there is a way to stalk potatoes tasted just do not say happened
  • 00:30: rooting grew up under the Banks like to Rose He went went to the growth in then why once she died again method has failed and we We try and try try and you know But in the transfer Country life I, in general, looked so way of one girl twice here it is in general that It recommended in following method rooting Rose and I, he is very very interested and
  • 01:00: Well I think I let ka try a sudden and general, that will that we have for this need for specifically for this way Two such bags But for the two bags black garbage our bags I need you newspaper and of course themselves cuttings of roses Now I more or less I chose a rose leaves were already but they are fallen principle, and do not need we are like I took over the leaves
  • 01:32: lower kidney oblique cut like that over top of the kidney I have cut off the bud I turned the slice how to direct but there required condition when we are Wed sectioned it as though we should be here if you look carefully here You see it at an angle and going toward Now that is the kidney
  • 02:00: The tip here so obtained the opposite side, I do not know clear to you but I hope it is not clear I clearly explained Here we leave somewhere about 3 where you can even four left kidney leaves, we need These flew but these leaves here remained forget it, nothing terrible that we do you then I in fact I was cutting a lot such a lot of stick cuttings because
  • 02:30: Well, what is the guarantee that there they will roots there is no way that that's Arantxa we do on we take a look to the your bag with you it so here spread what do we do next why we need newspaper we charge you and moisten the paper in water that's so wet newspaper in water
  • 03:03: They pressed her to we do well to well you wet newspaper wet see what to do farther on I it here as laid out in the trash bag then what I'm doing I take on this way cuttings cuttings and wrap them in the wet newspaper
  • 03:33: they should be required to good good wrapped leave me as if newspapers do not I have enough here stick tips and roses here, I prepared to force one of the paper again heap I do fell on show take newspaper newspaper did again
  • 04:01: well wetted here so in the little corner We wrap them to have cuttings We have been with you all wet I see the newspaper I continue to do next take the package and our cuttings I put like this in the package trash bag here and wrap there to create at
  • 04:31: We greenhouse effect We take still wrapped one bag and put our cuttings like that again in this package second package you can not tie that's the way we you have prepared rose to germinate the It has at least as the formation of the root system and about
  • 05:01: somewhere well it depends on the fact that where you put some temperature as that they need to be put somewhere to try home again rather yet now we do not this cool place here but cool place where something that was that was the shadow but I I put somewhere terrace, here you can even put basement anywhere the most important condition to the newspaper you have not had dried up constantly wet and somewhere about a
  • 05:31: month but may be I used to say all it depends on it individually It depends on the conditions on the tips will be cut already formed growth on growth root system and That's when the moment when it appears I we'll show you already then we will put somewhere on the street again still in partial shade on under the sun and under the banks bottle to for further
  • 06:00: rooting can be pots even more successful plant in a pot and then this pot nose clean simply in the basement for winter storage and the spring has a rose to land on permanent place here while our with you a pretty yes experiment It is Next, we must That's how to prepare Cuttings put in bag and put into the tenochek away in a dark place rooting for them I
  • 06:33: Actually I want to say I tried to let I do this way to get it well this method I did not take root she came up and silent as they say I have not invented I just bike I see the program times as a girl It is about showing and shares experience min rooting like this I cuttings I tried it turned out well try it and you even
  • 07:00: but if it does not you need to know in general when we engaged in gardening and garden flower bed we must always always experiment and in general, that just want to yet I tell you that that if I were you PROPOSED but some advice Well there planting care yes, even dressing if we look at greenhouse me there as say dense forest it all individually
  • 07:31: Now I'll just give what advice tested me years and decades experience in this I finish my try report try this way to root Rose and maybe get all turn and roses well take root and bouquet of roses will you delight in further their flowering goodbye until we meet with you
  • 08:00: Julia was it me its channel in the garden Do in the garden till