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  • 00:00: good afternoon friends Today let's talk about task Manager Again, the example operating system windows 7 operating windows xp windows 8 system also has a manager little tasks he different window and functions but the principle and the same again We will speak background as improve and performance
  • 00:30: operating system windows call manager different tasks ways such keyboard shortcuts control alt del I also used to do easier from the taskbar right a button launch manager problems here accordingly he tasks and that the controller there we It is useful for example the top menu it is not much you will no
  • 01:01: except perhaps the need to file new task perform this task caused win combination of keys but who can be I forgot this combination keys, you can call so that here 1 vkladochka application is launched application on your computer not working background mode and working in normally
  • 01:30: for example run on the same browser chrome yes Well any browser any program of any it is an application It shows you application and it is useful case for example if you this application hang some sort a button and you are the same You try to close it This window is not the league does not react spinning here in the general circle
  • 02:00: I hung it application his close open manager Kuat tasks applications is this task if because the task and the window for you closes when frozen applications We need a little will wait and pop-up window confirm and close But also, in principle, any app mi Background can all End task eg background
  • 02:31: the problem here is skype He is running in the background mode on the same bandicam who write works in the background mode, the antivirus they is not displayed go ahead and most perhaps important here vkladochki it processes and services that it is and what their eat and why we It may be useful here see service those service running with
  • 03:00: start operating system windows and apart of what should have you startup also runs with the operating windows system that is launches its service That's why I shot is a video on how to save startup from rubbish for example in my startup costs only skype and antivirus enough for me but those applications
  • 03:30: you install inattentively especially where there are at Default some tick download start with him there the index service Yandex is a bar my browser any Services Yes, a lot of for example free antivirus same place to surf all of them climb car snacks and start with start Windows and all it lives with you memory and
  • 04:00: so your operating system tupit long starts long run application so autoloading clean look my video a reference will have me here remained virtually only windows service that runs in conjunction with Article operating system These services run processes ie own services here something to identify
  • 04:30: more or less directly difficult to determine You can Process up and not only process and in all processes people are in fact on your computer as a at least two user are you in the second and in the First is the super user to such computer the system itself that is Now running proposals under me but under the system I mean super nick run them over
  • 05:01: therefore I recommend if you are working with task Manager displays process and all users and Now look what local difference service and system service and the launched ipad would we like Half way all became automatically almost nothing I I did not open at this computer as I launched I opened only chrome here I showed you how here
  • 05:30: closed from applications that are you can see for example I have installed itunes connect their on devices computer and this one dog found automatic apple mom Delos service It starts with Windu spelled to not see it in startup but he Yet there is this
  • 06:01: process can be complete but he is such a word not properly completed he is still here pop up because develop service Now try it Find the service and
  • 06:31: Here she stopped and sleep some more have worked What else can we It was different done okay here my shoe works in processes seen yes here it is not visible and can be seen here it works it everything works background here
  • 07:01: These services are all the sum of their system can not stop but you see fell mobail device service again got how to find it in Services is the right mouse button and go to services here she works and service Thus, I it'll show you how turn off at all
  • 07:31: so we drove on So I say to you by Euro system services but viruses often to almost always for In order to circumvent operating protection protection of your system antivirus and your eyes are masked for service operating system under the system services how to find out the process To what does this
  • 08:00: process until just open the same any search engine google other search engine score a direct con canvas exe and look e.g. all reasonable information description this file can be turn it off or you can not switch off but how kratenko can be less ensure that this service is
  • 08:30: system they submenus, and it simply clicking open space storage and all should be kept stored in system 3 windows system32 folder here it can also this service check ie the file to believe scan antivirus can all system32 Here we will scan for example I have is nod32 and the name of the scanned here about scanned
  • 09:00: nothing found all ok then you can still look property he exactly right It called you read Description yes on the site and he is so It called it assembly must It called It is where He must settle Read more that this application attachment operating system microsoft windows
  • 09:30: hence, in principle, starting the same as the name and the title of the file means all fine nothing to worry but the system services In addition to legally System service you You can not complete so easy here such as complete process is a window if you really actually complete this process windows
  • 10:01: turn off put completion of a tick work you all go out here so You do not have to Now I climb garmin You see from garmin service too, can in principle complete but it again near and Now Example of a process, we try finish very well, For example
  • 10:30: Tim Miller I installed software team viewer, we will later they talk like work with it and how mnozhechko hack it but it will happen and we are now I have this service I not deleted and but you just show how an example of how to get rid the process which you do not need We survive this
  • 11:00: course right mouse button and click to go service and see service running under theme is pressed down services and offers It is here, and the window Tim is looking for service viewer Here he is now works and starts automatically see starts automatically with operating
  • 11:31: system there are two once we click on it select the type of launch off applied ok It remains only stop service all the pluck stopped looking here Service de vivir no tim process
  • 12:00: Miller no and now your operating system will run without the launch of the service and respectively bizzotto Starting services process and is retain and that is It will enable faster run operating system measures will be less It took resources when the work of this the system has been on the a little bit operating system will respond and
  • 12:30: faster and except better system services otherwise love your operating system and ye shall flee master or themselves will reset operating system have here are very careful and well further performance network and users way here user can see how many You have users may be registered but few consider
  • 13:02: just plus 1 plus 1 is whose super user here I do not see here Basically that's all I you wanted to tell teamviewer will I need then I it can restore if you suddenly inadvertently something but removed operating system you have been working in this service can
  • 13:31: Astana this service work you can restore reverse same action I mean the type of open start choose for example, I choose here time manually apply ie manually I now she'll run will work will restart computer is not will work Thanks for the attention of the guys I hope you had helpful subscribe to my write channel comments that the maybe I missed something that can not be but he told
  • 14:00: I remind He spoke briefly because all processes tell impossible for them to thousands and even about a single process you can tell two hours that what what what he is responsible for what which tied him history of this this can be tryndet and 3 children she This will be with you forgive all health all the luck happiness and beauty
  • 14:31: mood