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  • 00:00: Hello now I Tell us more about what's inside my moonshine and practical he did not out ordinary Soviet pressure cooker 6 liters Now on to this secular pressure cooker bought ass pussy the end of the 70s 80s the only thing that I did not did it drilled
  • 00:31: cover and put here is a whole FIG adapter scientist drill the then holes a file rashi well so we adapter here I went through I put the screws on seal made fum-white ribbon with color is visible as dresses here zaglushechka and in our
  • 01:02: this case their pressure cooker qualities not change though we can also her to prepare a meal homemade preserves Pshenko jelly obtained simply awesome there is here such that roof gu-gu pressure cooker does not partnership but still have not suitable dressing on it
  • 01:32: sealing gum and fill here today, but Braga I will do distilled water because of me to over water distilled Water is necessary for you Well when you iron it battery can flood years for flour quiet why I pour me now water
  • 02:02: ipad Club presented it is poured brew never be pour it completely ie you somewhere Here it should be free space mash necessarily when the pour mash is complete and somewhere here on three Four no longer otherwise you may to score the pin tube and then spoil and if the entire product
  • 02:30: You still there with fruits with berries it can cause an explosion Well functions berries never it is necessary to fill in here it can not be done here it is necessary to drain but still there are people who are trying just to survive them there 20-30 grams and rushes Yagami cynical to their They do Sovetsk because this is the hole is clogged pressure rise products can
  • 03:00: cause an explosion and Of course we have detail valve safety valve but they can not work on it better is better not to risk but first here we go nalilos but we We believe that this is our brashna put on and close the lid
  • 03:33: so she fixed all the unit we almost almost is almost ready so-called alembic then we need to plug steam-dome I made a steam drum that's the way cap banks under
  • 04:01: glass screwing up here these corrugations metal is from of gas pipes, gas but there are water just such korotenkih water was not so I bought Gas in principle normally work and in Kryzhko done hole He has survived fittings the water better of course I had to go buy special
  • 04:31: here perehodnichok but I do the things that I have been in a I have old fittings fittings reinforced plastic Pipe them I used as exactly condensed fum-tape drilled drill hole file and and round expanded needle files and trimmed Here curled fittings but well-kept here I
  • 05:00: adapter for hose and foil as is take a jar necessarily We check to edge was narrow and action was mud we also the fact that even small Pauline will lead to the fact that we have not It is tight connection will pass check for this reimplemented
  • 05:30: one end of their the second end when the wind blows Leak inspection we no everything is kept very here in this we gasket
  • 06:29: the device is assembled almost
  • 06:32: we need to be here this thing that It called divertor that is, it switches we can switch water with release of after another extremely Turn off nasadochka instead Kisochka instead of it We cheat in Deaver
  • 07:00: I fastened on rice you may be another finger at Besides, you look themselves and the vector we can you forgive flow even on one the other left to plug distiller distillates change cooler glass purchased at plant Steklopribor
  • 07:30: we, together with delivery It costs in the region of 90 hryvnia somewhere so I do not remember well, somewhere 70 it costs plus VAT + Shipping in the region of 90 hryvnia me here We dressed Silicone tube tube We need it silicone because she instead of the temperature will go dirtiest the smell it does not become
  • 08:00: highly flexible and spoil our product but now it Trailers like this have it me hanging it hangs on 2 Then I ran the ropes just enclose case of the sponge so that it not fought a valve means diverter pvc a hose connected to the
  • 08:31: lower output and water at We poured through an upper opening is it is important to feed water should be laugh or we me about Cooler You are much worse opens water we should not much that's run such pressure in principle will enough so everyone
  • 09:00: we checked all Everything is fine dedicated here nipple trauma already deer diameter I'm at it first planted Shrink it on top of the same disappear hose and fish very densely include all maximum gas fire until we have for
  • 09:30: boiled not go 1 I personally have a modicum have all spent so I timed by time my terms boil 25 exactly 1 minute droplet It is somewhere in the 2 We sympathize and note begins to boil faulty loved and choose exactly but while waiting for 25 minutes yet when boils immediately put
  • 10:00: bank here and we will drip moonshine product or But in this case, water there polished I close the funnel water is not necessary and when I make vodka I think that the way it will be less evaporate or drops an end to such heights already a big flies down to therefore perceived I always covering voronochkoy forward
  • 10:32: Move drop Well here we go distillation process she's a bitch ran up peasants distilled also increase the steam drum collects condensate in the frame single vodka here all fusel oil all heads of all boasting is gray for yes and the whole mine here's due this we
  • 11:00: 1 is obtained except on race anchor get a very clear sky is not very even enough several times already four times to go through a carbon filter or you can eat in Basically do not need cleaning and potassium permanganate Although it is not milk practice virtue do if bob dimension to my milk over the whole
  • 11:31: taste kill lower potassium permanganate can lead to an example of how to improve your right device we've got bed of this will be I very story once you it will show that is, something like so thanks for all Attention
  • 12:00: bye bye to new meetings