Irina Kosheva

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Lesson 1. Materials for nail extension by gel  See details »



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  • 00:01: Good afternoon, ladies in this case, we'll look at what materials products Tools You will need to initially gel nail extensions Materials required for the Nail design collection They will address the following traffic you can easily find them on this site see video tutorials to your attention materials company canceled the books This company is sufficiently well known in the world in March
  • 00:32: industry Other firms are also not represented in Usinsk own development proceed to a detailed description of to prepare the nails apply a weeks you will need nail scissors if the building though and Coke unduly disturb Kosheen side boots as you need on the ears Bushehr is the prototype wooden stick for manicure
  • 01:00: Pushkareva distinguish a wooden stick willing and disinfected, and he more thoroughly able to overcome ahead share price from this procedure depends on the quality of clutch gel buttons if this money will not be completely removed in places of its presence in the Monday could stop before and after the preparatory phase necessary to use antiseptic more convenient to use an antiseptic seat at the table
  • 01:30: and spray as you will save his spending the same antiseptic used for disinfection of instruments one of the most important tools correctly applied the nail plate directly before applying other its cosmic properties such that it is removed from the surface of the nails and the excess moisture was further interrupted after the issuance of Sakhalin but
  • 02:00: rightly it means that he experienced culture application of the week Rainer promotes strong adhesion lost nail plate All this we will look at the use of current levels it should be noted that for the training you suitable times disposable form paper-based they are easy to use customized shape free cut news because if you have services nail
  • 02:31: but these forms will show vegetables serious attitude to work not using said Kotel'nich items requiring disinfection leading customers to reflect on Whether you are well disinfected them Tokyo-based application week it should be flat Direct beveled or rounded edge Brush for the application of helium have a fundamentally different form of Circassians
  • 03:00: for applying acrylic presented as this site at equ week excluding solutions This 203 room in the ultraviolet lamps are meant to save him the nail plate a full face blizzard is the best fit to start learning nail it is a means for removing a flexible a flexible layer is formed after which hardens in the ultraviolet lamp other means to remove it
  • 03:31: is problematic and does not recommended the final step is to terminate for this you need a film Artificial nail high degree and a Brazilian but she should not be working the top panel but just a bath for shaping the free edge of its base of the nail is most convenient use up tons Cup artificial nails
  • 04:00: to remove dust and the need to limit desirable as gently as possible to remove dust life and tough to clean again registered shares dates it is more liquid the consistency of people Unlike a conventional clearcoat but he It requires drying only in this regard this is normal along with the fact you can use the finish oil for nail and market
  • 04:30: but still better to apply the finish Kiev and oil use to soften the skin around the nail and while any That's probably all the basic facilities that you'll need to make sure it is not granted fact is the presence of UV lamp use of technology these funds will be told the next round