Viktor Alekseev

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Insisting on oak spill of own production.  See details »

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  • 00:13: Good day dear viewers channel who try us It turned out for oak splint I try to insist on our oak chips itself and see the show species get 1 euro
  • 00:33: dollar and chips its own production wolf the wind of double distillation 70 degrees kinema oak and account I left we insisted while insisting
  • 01:00: we will not see that happening to our see yourself what result gives oak chips home leaving the entire bank cover with lid and leave to start a couple weeks then we will see that it will be for the color whether it is there
  • 01:31: a all the trees have not eaten see it as month passed insisting the water itself our homemade oak color Statement bought moonshine rukozhop a
  • 02:00: but good changed his smell felt Now we We filter out here we have 70 degrees scatter to about 42 Sweeten and probably add ships and then prodegustiruem
  • 02:33: so it is very filtered Now add water into it Dilute 40 42 Bernard's so that's interesting yellow color
  • 03:05: Now pass reaction and to measure danger diluted at about itself forty-five degrees Now Dianov bones add
  • 03:30: It has 15 grams of fructose fructose well It does not dissolve no mute and color corrected so that was not such yellow we modify caramel take candy too 15 grams here I
  • 04:02: a piece of homemade by Korney it will need from about 15 pins caramel add 15 gram fed by someone field from our bush caramel caramel It gives a good interesting color for
  • 04:30: caramel solution water so that the Kinema in the frame itself, and it will dissolve as a solution conduct Get on example a as long stone wall
  • 05:12: It took some while our caramel here it is dissolved It is at the bottom to the person I stir
  • 05:34: light on our most I became a little It became such an interesting brown and final Now a little bit about drives color good handsome
  • 06:01: So tan in a word as it should he has the aroma as the saying goes easy this oak aroma
  • 06:31: taste also feel the spirit good drink may be even bit rather tartly may be but it is quite good could stand another day leg will be heading bottle conclusion is oak chips
  • 07:00: own compression of the works well can harvest do here such here beverages is very set on oak Wood chips remind shoplifting close very much recalls can be Find our drink in some bottles Mazin and look so
  • 07:30: so fortunate to following video as but