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  • 00:09: So the easiest snack or recipe marinating or rather about the seamy side tell apples ondulin code we see Antonovka apples on tree truth is itself the process will produce Now briefly I tell tear away apple we stack boxes Depending on as you want
  • 00:30: apples ferment that is, you should at to one and a half or even two times their Only collect apples tear away from the tree slightest wormy rotten that you do not like you is not taken lay down and fold a maximum of two layers these boxes and you are at least 3-4 days then you start to their sorted sifted through all rotten with spots and be which you do not like you throw the remaining apples
  • 01:01: to shift the add capacity little black sheet currant can not add and simply fill up or spring water or the water so to speak from the well which without chlorine, without any impurities normal drinking better water course let's say spring filled put ie there is a small little imbedded
  • 01:30: apples We covered some that we do cover nothing there not I fell here and all recipe and somewhere to new year, our apples will very, very ready very very tasty Here we see a bucket desyatilitrovoe plastic with a lid there are stacked apples little leaf currants added filled with water on top plastic cover but how he describes
  • 02:00: underneath laid back additionally plastic cover to apples words Leo typing games cover and as the past three I put three-liter jar cucumbers this enough if you there are some other capacity let there wooden pad any possible I should be up to a minute be to make a circle and done in minutes mugs and we have you and so I covered and before the new year I have them not touch, I know units
  • 02:30: us water, they promarinuetsya