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Relief pattern spokes. Extraordinary beautiful relief pattern  See details »

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  • 00:00: Greetings dear needlewoman Today I want to show how to fit Here is such a beautiful unusual pattern I found it in he told me the Internet I liked and I hope you have it It is also very like it and let's see such as the tally pattern from the front He looks the part that's the way with looks wrong so here properly I am now quite simply I will provyazyvat number I have it of course has
  • 00:31: not one that is, you do not pay attention I have here But on 2 loops will knit as the I will comment then carefully Listen and knit So repeat after me we knit the first row an edge loop shooting provyazyvaem one wrong doing sc 1 st shooting not provyazyvaya then knit 3 backstitches January 2
  • 01:01: again and make sc loop not remove provyazyvaya, and so Continue to the end series and end of series provyazyvaem one underside of an edge knit the next row in this way remove an edge provyazyvaem one front on sc and remove those two
  • 01:34: loop the loop and there sc previous number of shoot is not provyazyvaya on the front and 2 Again we do sc and 2 loop and shoot knit to the end of the series at the end of 1 and a number of facial bead third row distal edge remove 1 Wrong
  • 02:06: sc and again remove these three loops here we have a loop and 2 sc ie their provyazyvaya not remove on 2 backstitches sc, and again remove 3 loops knit to the end series and end of the series in We have one and Wrong
  • 02:36: bead fourth remove an edge number so do nakida and remove the first loop not provyazyvaya on These provyazyvaem Now all tabs 4 loops for the front front stenochku again and make sc
  • 03:06: loop shoot again sc loop and shoot and again four together facial loop sc shooting sc loop and shoot four with facial and continue until the end of series at the end of series We do a loop and sc not shoot
  • 03:37: provyazyvaem and a bead on knit the fifth row remove the edge 2 loop provyazyvaem together purl sc one loop shooting on knit 2 2 together backstitches backstitches and again 2 together backstitches sc loop shooting
  • 04:08: 2 along the backstitches there is a loop and we sc provyazyvaem two together and again 2 together wrong and back loop sc remove 2 together wrong again 2 together wrong and Continue to the end series and end of series 2 together wrong and
  • 04:39: bead and then we repeat knitting 2 a number we get Here is such a beautiful unusual relief I hope that the pattern he pleasant place Like if you like write comments if unclear ask Do not forget subscribe to my channel here you
  • 05:09: You see many more beautiful unusual patterns over the long and up next meeting video