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How to make volume drawing on skin (davlenka).  See details »

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  • 00:00: thanks to all who I went to my channel Today I will tell you how to make Dobrenko skin He gave a simple human language This volumetric image Here is such a He is seen biker error is very She loved him as additional back protection Figures can be absolutely different here from the door birds but in this
  • 00:30: case his words any case it is not advertising a once my word I liked it and I made a handbag served on more than three years, the area is already throw well and I as an example, I show you how done is such a stripe while wearing this bag men which recognized that
  • 01:01: I did hand stands asking me not about the bag and that's how you do this is now, I I decided to show tell that it needs a about skin tool today I am in all this I show to make a sheepskin coat on the skin we need the first place the skin is desirable
  • 01:30: Soft meter for 0 8 millimeters may be 1 and 2 millimeter well to It was soft to me you need to take a skin Well first of all it stores but we can buy Patches do not need to will be a lot of skin I think we all have home some old women women's boots and you can simply do not We need boots they need to be simple here so here it is cut out
  • 02:01: teaches such here himself pieces of skin especially on the floors of these boots it very well saved there remains no Basically there are cuts there is simply and little need put down give proper Now I kind of show how to do it and she It helps us make I gave Lenka on the skin the process of socks skin a little bit polluted here
  • 02:31: cream out there let which we use Dust us little you need to clean it from this whole case for We take this dig a little soft soap any capacity and with the usual Pomazkov Vodicka height thus take she's doing a foam Now this foam foam inflict here and so the skin and
  • 03:05: rub the respected institutions that's the way all Then we clean clean you can get wet doily well, this is See for yourself how it If you purify
  • 03:34: have any scrapes in principle, not terribly you can then open the acrylic paint black or colored some to these abrasions acrylic paint paint spreads well the skin and the principle of durable and lie down but I have a piece of no good no scuffs so right for me
  • 04:00: here's a little skin became how to say I missed here water it has absorbed moisture basically it all is well cleared and probably seen it slightly dented such the same If you want to align let these pieces of good used to pocket and Portman if you do not necessary
  • 04:30: buy a new skin Now it is quite fit for our needlework to here Now align these all irregularities are in the process of socks appeared here while it is wet, you can take plain paper which wrapped shoes and so and so far the skin is important the application before
  • 05:02: these irons take put on about 30 degrees it is little more than skin and a little iron thus only you need to check all for not to burn skin much greater temperature to give and we can not be ironed we get
  • 05:30: around here see a piece of this one rumpled and here I have laid a piece he had already trimmed camping all still remained here Of course here are the pros and would have to pressure it the principle of good stuff he comes and if for pockets Portman and the need to It is before
  • 06:01: do put here These pockets are cut have to do so the skin's You see stretches bad this way stretches well and here you choose how cut the skin like you will stand pocket but I would put it Now it turns out stretches we I mean I would put like this that's not to stretched these pockets over here let's say it would seem credit card any pronounced
  • 06:31: here's pocket the skin will not stretch bad stretches here so that's a good skin We are on our second stage of a rigid plastic or leather solid cardboard us We need to cut our figures in this case my letters will I use here such here are the things it sim-cards
  • 07:01: plastic here because it is well I get cut I print out the letter on this printer bumazhechki with letters cut letter glue it here and I have already been cut itself letter obtained from I Plastic firm so shaped as letters i and i the adhesive on the skin or know that you
  • 07:30: because as well as books do with this content key if we make you get a badge here and so I cut letters from plastic Now they can see glued Now they set must be skinned myagenkaya this is is the basis of our our label here so here's the thing already ready pasted
  • 08:00: and ready almost to to squeeze out at this inscription the basis of our drawings we we put on something a firm take further glue some fluid and quickly We need to act Now quickly all all our letters Glue these wet this way you can not
  • 08:30: regret glue so here He quickly take to treat everywhere was the glue Here it is smeared
  • 09:01: if the glue insufficient else you can add two backpack and also letters We need to leave so here that's
  • 09:31: quickly with the same second party precisely We also need to enter the top party that will run top of our drawing and too quickly, and it is necessary to moisten the glue Now I'll take care of just here both sides of me processed and now I I receive an upper part and
  • 10:02: neatly I put our buttons now seen a little bit of steel appear and now we are taking something new Here in this case, me some tool dentist and now Now this part can be
  • 10:30: take a normal pen so here we take and the whole thing Burst in the first can be general and fingers are all According to the data here squeezing our inscription to skin well thronged the top
  • 11:01: and can moisten and ordinary water best or vodka or alcohol So I am taking a year then missed we continue to press our label
  • 11:38: and so we We push each beeches special show seen live fingers click here already
  • 12:03: bukovki davim davim and squeeze until all well here was about 40 I periodically minutes Now that you are in your handles proglazhu here and so all bukovki like this way was by the I have a normal letters pattern clearly
  • 12:30: but what can be seen do here look here drawing here are clearer visible image because the skin was a little thinner than this skin Well basically not Analysis also prevented well seen everything there if you want will gain a clearer If the skin is thinner like drawing AvtoVAZ skin
  • 13:00: tone when picking You do the basis of these here bukovok thicker themselves and then the image will be more precisely here so here here's where our I strangled as a ready It remains only cut along the contour this is now the machine and sew it where we also need to have to do multi-level Now these sorts here
  • 13:32: letters to all who saw books in bindings do was say here this letter on not things put a little letter obtained contoured Well, that's all limited only your fantasy is the result on their suffering it turned out fine our point I want to show you this
  • 14:00: close like this with reverse side here the same principle can be seen slightly this risunochek Here it is possible to somewhere sew on the torn jacket let's use Basically a lot to be come up here the name of this pressur to I hope you understand the process to all thank you bye