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  • 00:00: permanent no money at her husband's problems work and family all time suffers guilt Besides your clothes but rather nodes on it confident psychic Alain Kurilova to our cognitive I talk He invited join stylist novel I am sure that the copper You do not guess half or maybe you even more of those things we today will talk Is nodes on clothes so important Alain nodes on clothes it is an element of the ancient magical rite which was called in the ancient universities in
  • 00:31: universities or nauzy it such original nodes when they tally performed ceremonies on money Health for love It was tied luck tied road shad 2000 rokiv ago people Pocha its bark 100 Watt and near Nash and mouse and scrape AEK frequent and magical rite random loop Malik ridges Europe He imposed and damage before the start of the second weekdays in Ukraine Buzmakova magic you Korostovo opposite
  • 01:01: properly imposed universities warmed Way above and beyond energy near untying that She received a diploma and girls and scolded scythe to know noticing you will return without at Kiev pleased to conclude It is shocking Protective mascot of the air nauzy century we Daxing District of new species example arrested tying a belt crib, both laces at once beautiful today our expert teach us horoscope long on her get on with their root there a lot of practice and rituals associated with
  • 01:32: tying knots with just a one nodule you can change your life but you need to know a few secrets how and where I knit the knot I remember very clearly When I gave birth in hospital seemingly the state institution told so fast all all all all necessary components unleash to get it but what you get if it already Nadia I thought of the hospital I want to say so old grandmother fortune-teller or such
  • 02:02: mind not looking at eyes of a child and said the child will live long and happily it has envy in the eyes and kids which is very weak or in life they behold doubts It is not here this uzelochki here where we lacrimal glands this is considered such uzelochek jealous type eye structures are not eye should get a these issues have everything is in order and in general whether we can afford
  • 02:32: if we hurt not properly tie knots such as clothing we do not particularly hurt because we can tying wrong components we nothing wrong conjure, and because we can not even corners engage so conjure so the Moreover, we can not all sorts of nasty things but we can very much to help themselves if we correctly and intelligently tie uzelochek it tell I, as well, and competently and rum tell it to it was also nice I like to start our conversation with topics money that's really
  • 03:02: people trying draw my life continuously for the presence of money or no replies our head is a wherewith we We try to earn the money and what and how We need to engage financial position markedly improved All bandanas that fastened on the head of all those here at neck scarves all have deep the symbolism here you can not take too tight knot here for example very often knotted tie and using too
  • 03:33: tight knot such here starched shirt and then affected why negotiations because of past failures it was impossible it was because both talk was impossible and centers squashed by I think that more room not only node which tied in Overall self tie It has a huge the value of a male career node must be light but quite voluminous to attract attention is not it certainly tie on neck men and sometimes it is the women wear is precisely the monetary unit which provides
  • 04:03: welfare well at other other factors why please rum tell how to tie tie many triplets women do not have I just show the way I do not know how to than happy make a knot It called Windsor add up the cross skip more long end of which we will then on top of that is it for native land while at the bottom each stage fix the site for so that it is not blossom that is, you keep it Practicing then long side refuel within the and we see
  • 04:39: fingers We keep it all then fix Again the long side We produce the same side where it is in our I was at the beginning and we shift the loop formed by Triangle but here must not be tension because we later in the loop threaded tie and then everything just a neatly slowly slowly to all happened symmetrically delaying the final movement do
  • 05:09: locking finger under node thus You are getting crease Rovno on the center tie, then when the node fixed lower which is on the edge Now we python tightens so way lift Tie a comfortable height when we are tying all nodes are nodes touch the head or neck, we must tie with certain thoughts to think you need positively girl knits itself scarf and spoke in I will succeed, I very beautiful I myself Wall or what I
  • 05:40: some poor unhappy and she simultaneously These ties my tears tears his soul to this node, and then she goes both the noose that keeps its negative negative emotions around She and the man should knit knot on his Ties to think about your career or his appointment or the day that was very happy and positive in the afternoon his life and that's the way what do you think a tie that already sold tied to which node at
  • 06:10: rezinochke yet even if you bought this tie you need to do symbolic isolation ie you do not Can you cut it because everything sewn sewn Do I get it right You can take wool red string tie on this tie untie her and re-engage with new idea of how to instead of a tie as the instead they would tie but it's really fact that the rule tied once tie and then it is not isolated there generally the rule
  • 06:41: such that the tie always need untie and then fold ulitochka but the women too Need cash components to women too can wear ties but also Fig will not look neck I'll show you a couple of handkerchiefs showy handkerchiefs knotted sometimes with hidden knots the first option we add up square scarf on diagonal and about March 1 tying small compact knot it we will perform the function berog and rum knits and I said tie good luck we would get a asymmetric that design we effectively fix
  • 07:11: on the neck just under Using a small nodule or rear you can use the pins I would bulavochku recommended app well tied node in the shop does not I am in the way of the evil eye at the same time according to from the fabric of this node will look quite differently fitness, he looks on silk Incidentally, instead of the node can be used ring a don it on built by diagonal flow and with the second embodiment hidden node when no one would guess how are you this flow blindfolded we take a handkerchief
  • 07:41: select it and center in the center of tying small nodule then formed design fold down diagonal so way to knot we was inside on and simply fix back when this can how to fix outdoor unit tied back and If the tray size It lets wrap it again around neck and secure under this node yet One hidden knot very impressive and has both
  • 08:11: form of certain of the prone I wanted to tell just about tied uzelochki nasal handkerchiefs uzelochki We put a lot of money coin tied for good luck on hlebchik money there that I had always, and here I am I looked at the lotochek knot here on center really there you can put a coin or something oberezhno to such fasten to health increased Proportion of health as a generally corresponds zone belly and the words some a stomach live-giving
  • 08:41: human life and in the area there's navel where we wear the belt where we are tying different all sorts of different tapes all sorts of weaving here you can tie knots that will keep and strengthen your health Cossacks remember sashes were red broad and wide Here are their girdles ready owl They tied much nodes simultaneously recite their
  • 09:11: slanders the fact that be the bravest warrior the healthiest to the boom did not take so that a person does not beast no one He stole and killed knowing the way in Ukrainian national costume in many regions bride sashes There are two here such a large unit that are on ovarian level that symbolized fertility guarantee what I will a good wife, and I will quality mother tied in step As the belt is also one of the trendiest trends now I I will show how easy it is elegantly and effectively
  • 09:41: can be used ordinary scarf as a belt but it is of course if You still do not scarf tied our there is no better one thing I think it certainly I want to be healthy and wealthy and beautiful to joints do not hurt but at the same time we have to somehow dotting Priorities at least once a day asymmetrically We share a scarf part we should be longer than the other Do not pull no step crumples it if you You will knit all nodes at a stretch is not obtained that is ugly they always have be at least a little
  • 10:11: relaxed and then threaded short Part fix it long fingers half of the add up, too fixing forefinger threading the bottom and Here we get a that node used Japanese to fix the kimono he seems to be also represents person he present top part of that It symbolizes the head then the health unit but the lower part lower body simply an effect on that can be
  • 10:41: use daily Well, that's something that tied Roma have to stomach perhaps also as a Symbolism and keep on weaving on a wedding weaving leather I think that this belt is for you some very personal favorite thing not very positive charge when he sold it sold in a round boxes on which was written my favorite belt box and you believed me to believe he was really one of the most my favorite belt very cool if favorite your stuff will be the belts to scarves
  • 11:11: than you can tie knot at the waist but also no assembly here this clasp considered also host current conditions He connected it woven jelly twining force here it's nodules normal times normal yarn, he can not be held such energy but I I see you one more scarf too, you know, I think we are together pouchastvuem tying this scarf I trust you most responsible and that's part of the Beriev So harnesses twisting twisting twist it too
  • 11:42: be health to also for health therefore only positive thoughts and not what you really me and now I think if I tell the I think it's you rastsvetesh like a Flower simply mast and so can sentence Alenka to then load unit disease in the host is gone health brought illness drove left health identified center overtighten second chance that we are not twisted plait We take it all depending on the mood can
  • 12:12: Here is the fix a connecting portion at the center can take away and somewhere to tank then you can to suit your mood here for space fantasy is connect separately blue red part elementary weaving and second part we fix on this side short edge hide under your belt Now we derive Get a free
  • 12:42: long side which we can use Knitting nodes under his mood like you such Alena unit besides that it is it is also useful well and I I enjoy chat like a cup of coffee Help yourself please nescafe the first rule of the morning where money and Health course without Love can not do which nodes need to knit in love unlucky in ancient while the girls wove braid braiding braids it also hosts sang Song thought about
  • 13:12: favorite and plaited Statement cash thus Girl weave itself power of love her hair if she the process of their songs and wishes He used the name loved it almost it was like engaging element this man went attention you exactly you my beauty cost is now less than a laces were interesting laces Shine also has any meaning attract love Laces are nodes and them there
  • 13:43: interweaving exactly as well as at the box office Well, that's just rum He brought not knowing frame stage and means it I ordered online simply and from the ancient 1 their measurements with the size problems arose but as a dummy tying laces think fit and that you Now you want us show and a couple unusual methods lacing threaded through the first couple below the laces must be symmetrical equal in length then take one side reckon a third hole
  • 14:13: is passed from top to bottom on the other hand We do the same 3 free hole from top to bottom and then everything is simple, we create cross over the cross as embroidery is passed along the same side of the bottom hole and we move on the opposite toward the next free We take the same side of the bottom hole we move next available beautifully it turns out
  • 14:43: me to you are not very comfortable will regulate and Unfortunately yes why best is do already on the foot here so we weave get a very and three beautiful one on the cross if another use bi-colored laces Now there One such laces which half one color with another others get even more beautiful and then actually fix I bow to your taste and so is passed lace symmetric a second pair of holes then downward is passed in the first we will be on the diagonal
  • 15:21: in the hole above the bottom up and then went weaving we take threaded the previous eyelet and We throw away from the bottom up to top threading previous loop and We throw away from the bottom up to top threading previous loop and We throw away from the bottom Up top there are those lacing that considered predominantly female and male advantage not directly
  • 15:51: It bothers this Thread I do not think that then you need some guipure knit Actually that's a here we have the result of middle and braid By the way it is more convenient Unlike capture ie from the previous it is easy extend and tie knots way too often These nodules are here hidden under the tab I do not like to hide claimed the house from top tied unambiguous knot which here is the lace shoes he should not to be hidden node Energy footwear their should be
  • 16:21: out and that the most the main thing as far as I I understand tie anyone with a love knot good mood youtube hello subscribe to our channel and will be the most the most stylish beautiful