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How to make a frame for a mirror from polyfoam with own hands  See details »



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  • 00:07: room Victoria issued on romantic style but for the full completion of its image we want to put mirror beautiful frame to the 10th dresser Hello I name Irina mozelova and that when a Victoria This Xenia and we are in our farmhouse and today we making a frame for
  • 00:30: mirror on the class Prince this frame very similar to those most gypsum package from expensive stucco but manages images diskettes as we will do from foam plinth so I tool in addition Xenia need blue registry office not tools we need acrylic lacquer putty spatula or kitchen knife
  • 01:01: tassels turned actually need all in response to a small MSU gold paint acrylic gold paint paint toes and 2 more or we will fillers carry on the other side of our Prince also we need to knife and some shin and plain ruler and pencil it is for the most frame
  • 01:31: basis for our You need plywood screwdriver I like to tell the because the depth vouch start with the first part, I do I trust one centimeter since I have a small side already 51 cm I am from this business I It took 5 degrees then also to focus not
  • 02:02: but of course all terrible it turned out to Triangle I It never happened exactly glued part thank you dad I garage found stuslo I will cut you off because it certainly much easier to be honest I was sure that 45 degrees three years It will be all smooth It turned out at you fixing the dare Sharper and travushku
  • 02:31: Action dad is. part of our future package for our soup mirror if his it is part of this special glue that bought construction and business this spring glued parts plinth but I have to say
  • 03:00: that they are not always Ideally come in this case, we cotton underlay wheels and we them gulped between tiles and we will we recommend to do the same also another very long time get the necessary length of 30 really need to sit down and we wait for clear The thing is cut not to torture you it but be prepared to expect that with time Now we will filler putty different angles and this is how
  • 03:31: time slots and all together Of course, we donated manicure Now It looks extremely respectable but but all as is without at any decorations putty and take palette knife obscuring gap that everything was it is a very tight important You want to focus on We poured our black and now I, too, take a plaster brush and now
  • 04:01: we coat all iris Go and texture changing right Now the eyes of this loose foam switched as a frame of honey gypsum or may even do not understand that people I do not understand
  • 04:39: now we have allow why our putty to dry but leave somewhere on hour now, we just Let us at this time the basis for mirror as it will mounted just here to our frames and honor we first glue our mirror card Lithuania using Glue-gun further
  • 05:01: and then to the full fixation for reliability, we our mirror will fix here such ticks marvelous we do newly cut quite the garage and jigsaw here at help and self-tapping screws Paul this the right to drive here this nose. we cut she must be more than the mirror at see it stands one
  • 05:31: centimeter on each hand we tie these screws Triangles is to these edges that will allow our mirror it safe networks do not fall includes but greater reliability we get our Triangles can I
  • 06:01: Of course I would get I love flying just got see Now it is attached are now able to secure do an ollie rope that was can be hung on wall must choose the smallest samoreziki hang
  • 06:35: our picture of us must be attached rope to our self-tapping so well that You remained the most beautiful in real Designer goals download is when we paint our already dried up baguette we Sniper We will paint here this golden flowers rabotku
  • 07:08: our visual yes but it turned more not until the end art
  • 07:32: any art and a golden arrow paint no other place but too very artistic friends often go to art salons it was interesting there now we will cover varnish and made little break because the nail in men to dry course I found now we will stick our frame mirror take mirror which by the way not so easy straight
  • 08:01: Adhesive which is already warmed up we coat our triangles our glue a frame for to hide the gap you can paste beautiful golden lace around the perimeter mirror as we was just Ribbon we decided use 9
  • 08:34: and we made the whole day to do this beautiful mirror let's hang alive let's Sally perfect touch my interior It has become such frames I did not have a frames this street friends if you liked our Video not forget set dancing and tehu
  • 09:01: themselves were Victoria Kataeva Irina hacking see you