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To grind a knife in 2 minutes 20 seconds.  See details »

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  • 00:01: Good day dear spectators her short It will be quite a video about how quickly sharpen the knife friend Moore is brought here asked me sharpen legs prostetsky working to mess with him on the rocks Dutch more any other I do not fit I will do everything very quickly to using sharpeners work sharp
  • 00:30: there are enough coarse serrations so let's start with team sport is not we spend time just I want to show that this sharpener really possible fast and good sharpen a knife nasadochka for workers knives star prague
  • 01:13: notch entered 80 removed the skins very rough following 220 she did have a little bit bore the weary not such an aggressive
  • 01:32: so it is not so scary on her glazing wave on the blade we turned
  • 02:02: Now 6000th the skin is the most thin to us here Unfortunately as I do not developed intermediate between 226000 We are working with what is nothing drops do not bother
  • 03:01: actually all kromochka shines take so the forest can be a piece of paper bathed tied a piece of duct tape too then cut at the same time
  • 03:32: in general, all the press. how long it took You can look at a timekeeping her short video about how to quickly and effectively sharpen Sorka not sharp advertising really just all filmed live live like himself check how quickly can correct working blade comrade prostetski
  • 04:01: adapt to following video