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Breakfast for Children "Осьминожки" Breakfast for Chidlren  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon all this useful tips and i Olga Matvei today heading food for children So we are preparing the octopus take sausage sausages very children like just take good sausages dear ones who eat at home you need to remove a film from them this way here Frankfurter visually
  • 00:31: divided into three the parts are like this the third part we do not touch but the rest in the middle like this Here it is necessary to cut now turn over sausage and again in the middle we cut and we get 4 these are the legs if the moisture of their desire it is possible to cut still less that is, these the legs can be cut and another 2 but this one who loves
  • 01:01: see are obtained here are these four legs can be here yet along cut as you like here such here octopuses cut so all collect macaroni spaghetti preferably solid varieties of wheat because that quickly wallowing macaroni pasta they not useful we divide them into particles negatively Here and now we take our sausages and here that's where the center needs to be done
  • 01:31: our pasta means quantity is passed their my carone is yours how much you want go around like this take long pasta and punch through and through I do so look here in this way barely look out our pasta suddenly this we will have octopus boy a now we will to do about the media girl take a long macaroni which we
  • 02:01: Do not break and pass right through there brought closer in half it peered at two parties is what we have here stay on top it will be our hair and there will be a magician and will such octopus girls are like this you must were now it's podsalivaem water and more a large number we boil water here these wadding him to you bend and get octopus water add a little bit sunflower oil that our pasta not
  • 02:31: stuck together While the knife is being cooked and octopus we will do decoration take any greens and this will our seaweed children do not really like potions but how algae they are exactly will not one small tomato if you do not like take a tomato cucumber that is nothing eat now but yours composit denim need cut herringbone that it means look Here are some triangles to all we start show opener
  • 03:01: deep enough see it so on the whole edge one way now in the other direction and here and again here and so throughout the circle now when we arrived push apart neatly for 2 halves like this I support a little bit watch now one part
  • 03:31: turn over on one side and we need to cut ass this one carefully Do not damage our starfish here so here we cut out ass here's the sea star and children are sitting also vegetables are like this behold the stars of the sea can be decorated a little bit of mayonnaise or there that the children are eating ketchup and lay out on our dish and will be lower and the mother is such media are at our feet turned out look Here I am that with
  • 04:01: hair this girls and those who with such Tuber is a boy now you need to do eyes and mouth take our octopus and just do here such are above colas that was inside or mayonnaise or ketchup or slice Olive put eyes here like a mouth on a knife just a verb fish like this now if u you do not have olives or
  • 04:38: children do not eat olives then you can take the usual mayonnaise its inside like this put eyes on I make a normal fork these eyes and mouth just found Others but themselves but the closet Eyes can be done leftist cut off little piece olives quite true but tiny here is how you can small such Here you can slightly more shallow here so here
  • 05:08: we make such sausages here to deepen more and there in inside we insert our olive we put our starfish and our algae can here's how to spread out algae around across the plate's thus and the child will eat because greens usually children do not very fond of well, like algae they will eat exactly like this
  • 05:38: and here is this dish we made it call what's lovely muzzle that's so delicious octopuses with us Thank you what was today me who liked it put your favorite video comes out twice week Tuesday and Friday subscribe to do not miss the following videos are