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How to remove handcuffs without key by means of a match - real technology of hacking of the lock of any handcuffs  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello and to all please say so viewers we now we will be with you disassemble from such the moment how to take improvised handcuffs ways that is, many offer here here to embed wire even try to pick one further it is necessary much it's easier for us need for a planed match that is, it is a which we are a knife make it flat that is it is necessary for scratch a match here
  • 00:30: this is up to the state such a flat state is not now match inserts Here and so and so so here also handcuffs like easy with help match open that is handcuffs are normal the mechanism
  • 01:02: correct that is simple match stuck mechanism of handcuffs she pulls away all They are not a mechanism at than a match for another repeatedly crochet enough to open close mechanism so that 's
  • 01:32: such an easy way so that subscribe to channel put like ahead of you is waiting many new interesting videos about science and technology write in the comments what questions to me work out what video shoot try to capabilities fulfill all your desires Thank you for attention all bye