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Cake by St. Valentine's Day with creamy and cheese cream. - YouTube  See details »




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  • 00:03: Hello dear my friends today I I want to offer you bake a cake red velvet with cream cheese cream a list of all ingredients you You will be able to find once is lined on its screen, you can see all products that we need for baking cake and still they need small piece
  • 00:30: mastic and cream cheese cream and sugar powder cooking cream your cake I do all to the day lovers and so decorate it'll be hearts small talk a piece of white mastic squeezing her Now with a curly stick beautiful pattern
  • 01:06: at cookie cutters cut two large heart
  • 01:38: We paint the piece red white mastic food color dye
  • 02:08: he also roll out its eye make impression shaped rolling pin and cut molds smaller hearts
  • 03:00: please be more Now such tiny hearts and can also beautify and bottom and leftist cake Lightly grease Vodicka white hearts glue on top of the
  • 03:30: their red and left to dry
  • 04:01: could have done so Littel flower and decorate it eg 1 hearts
  • 04:38: reserve decorations mastic for cake red velvet dry up overnight Let's go now Let us cooking our future in the top mixer bowl, beat butter room temperature for 3-4 minutes
  • 05:04: then add sugar and continue whisking the secret expect faris
  • 05:48: one add 2 eggs and all good mix
  • 06:13: add a teaspoon teaspoon vanilla essences
  • 06:39: Kefeli breed 2 tablespoons food coloring red all carefully mix deep bowl sift flour add salt and cocoa
  • 07:15: of beaten oil We will be adding flour and yogurt since flour and ending with the flour there first add the flour
  • 07:30: we pour a little yogurt with dye all mix but then add pour all the flour the remaining yogurt and Eventually add all the remaining flour We are trying to drive up to our weight uniformity
  • 08:52: the dough should will like this uniform and highly dense
  • 09:03: least add soda which pay off vinegar all good Stir and our the dough is ready to
  • 09:30: bake baking cake cakes I'll two forms diameter 20 centimeters of I previously oiled and evicted parchment paper, bake at a temperature of 170 about 40 degrees minutes then leave how 10 minutes oven and spread on the rack in half two hours prior to the full cooling
  • 10:12: as soon as the cakes I would cool down I advised you wrap them in food and plenochku leave in refrigerator for one for an hour or for the whole night lubricate cakes I'll cream cream cheese recipe
  • 10:30: which you can find my channel or here on this link I got well and the future of the cake refrigerator you want recall that refrigerator we put in order to cake it can be it is easier to cut and spread cream now we need it cut in two It is often desirable this toothed knife
  • 11:01: cut I was lying to transfer whom here with us and get 4 parts of them we Now assemble the cake red velvet how can I use trim just such a form and top up
  • 11:30: cakes will the same size and crop we still we need them Grind to collect blender and garnish then cake I told trimming I throw Grind in a blender in the crumb and may be Sprinkle cake or
  • 12:00: tank or light but look what little woman turns my cream stood a wee bit refrigerators he's still the same thick the taste is very delicious and now I have them I will promazyvat my the future is on the bottom put a little cream
  • 12:30: and that if at 1 and cake does not slide on your plates begin spread KM we coat each course
  • 13:00: We try distribute the cream evenly so as not to It was somewhere above somewhere below live optics turned rovnenky find next and smears and last and
  • 13:36: Now spread cream on and start and coat them up and his side align tank remove excess cream
  • 14:12: align the top was time to decorate the I sprinkled crumbs that we We prepared a blender I want to show you another
  • 14:30: I have here yet such feature is not even I can say it and it can be called make different patterns as above so and along the edges on the sides Cake's example this side we Now carry out a stripes you a bit unusual We decorate our cake
  • 15:03: presses turn turn does not stay here is a mark now there are beautify trained hearts of mastic you can put like this one
  • 15:30: I taped heart and. hearts may be arrange a little bit different here like this here all depends on your fantasy bottom cake, I also decorated red circle and I put the little hearts That's probably all we We baked a delicious cake red velvet with cream cheese
  • 16:01: cream and decorate it by day of sacred valentine I think you Do you like leave your comments and subscribe to my channel