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  • 00:00: beyond the mountains of the forest and the river town magic small and everyone here adventure and songs and hang but trouble comes
  • 00:32: and then hurrying to me and friendly to his hero but on the way any fire and it from extinguishes not and field of investigation and with you Well on the gate alterations of the pope yes
  • 01:02: I will save isis offset him on my way urban heroes mysterious thief the zoo is like this all
  • 01:33: should be perfect to visitors wanted to go to our zoo I give it young is easy fine and I see you I was hungry like times, too, was going to go and see something I promise to eat a snack buy now for everyone the rest of anything delicious horn shows I will soon
  • 02:04: singer safe you want to go with me to n well why no, and just when we go faster when the weather is good the best places are at once yes you're right drove sorry that you did not yesterday it was so all this was simply nothing
  • 02:34: tra trouble trouble tra misadjustment tra trouble trouble trouble hello, help oh oh oh no this seriously franki it what a nightmare just can not believe it
  • 03:04: just this box was full I have invoiced I went to the box ear plugs and when returned then all apples disappeared the truth whole box strange that they disappeared like this disappeared it definitely the work of hands the water of the god who likes apples very much a lot of apples and what your thief steals apples it's from
  • 03:34: great taste for fruit that's as much pears also looks appetizing you can and me try at least one Well, be great thank you and you do not remember when was fire in an open cafe oh yeah I remember you rushed straight to fire and saved the unfortunate kitten it was very brave Fiona you behaved
  • 04:05: heroically trifling someone had to act sensibly the field was frightened and did not jump out of the wheel and at all I was not scared nothing like this I was just quite cautious but did not get scared x3 service by dates that happened at clear well end of communication and fruit franki stole the whole box
  • 04:35: apples Well, yes, and you know what should be done because that a pair of 2 these chases my crutch and how did I now I will go well and okay it's just
  • 05:08: old crutch is the same not the end of the world Hello Frankie we are already heard about your apples and so far there is no what am I afraid now rust and I do not even managed to try and their horror and video thief no I would be yard and I will take away higher how long you were not there all a couple of seconds strange that the thief did not take the box
  • 05:39: you heard everything anything unusual I can not hear it very strange in our city ​​nothing like never happened I feel so as without a fruit calm down franki the detective field is taken for a cause to decide this puzzle It is old proven by the methods you see there are half eaten an apple in everything is necessary
  • 06:10: look for a good aside but now I have there is a pear it is not mine feathers my pear seems I got robbed oh no is it too hello crow that something happened stole my pear I sitting here on the sidewalk with a broken crutch next to it there was a pear and
  • 06:40: as soon as I got ready and from there she disappeared first apples now pear it looks like we we are dealing with fruit thief What happened crutch is not even I imagine I threw him when he ran find out what is out there happened to Frankie fruit until I there was someone on him came clearly someone passed here while you were did not have did you see anyone there is no one but us too nobody here
  • 07:12: seen so should to be a thief hid for this angle to sneak up on a lame a crow and pick up I think we need a pear go here the peony there must be others evidence what a wonderful day where did my
  • 07:43: help please I was robbed of me They robbed cleaned help what happened we are baguettes see the evidence this the same thief whom we track down should be it passed and here I would not calm down now we have attacked gore gore gore track
  • 08:14: now I have to The oven is just not again I believe that we have gangsters and robbers see crumbs and over there and stub of an apple hello inca why sad hello dixie I'm just killed from me eat with whole arctic sea
  • 08:45: cloud bags sbis and up of the year it's just terrible and yes Now I'm coming for new apples and while for now Frankie talking apples kindled my appetite I think it's time have a snack excellent regards dixie did you see anyone this morning, but here
  • 09:15: definitely someone arranged without me picnic see these The baguettes look very appetizing could and clean up when they left this right is this thief so a huge field but he big feet in this I sure as a thief who there are so many have a big belly i I hope you do not
  • 09:45: you suspect I'm not of course not let's go peony let's go in the footsteps big or small But we must catch this thief you are ready to be here and who goes out there with with your hands up it's police exit but it's small
  • 10:19: baby elephant is he A big and dangerous thief must be he escaped from the zoo you need return it as soon as possible rather go with us little thief go the field is easier say than done you will not help me from
  • 10:49: no, it seems to me there is a better idea David trouble grains trouble you just look it seems to me all the same lucky look here is yours pear then this yes this is an elephant
  • 11:21: I would never have thought never seen before thief and bandit with tail and trunk funny well, it seems he liked my baguettes large thank you, I'm back and noticed that not
  • 11:51: closed the gates that baby Elma suffered today great that you found diamonds of that as with it something happened this our work is future to follow The gates were closed and do not let the diamond leave the pen in the city more there were no incidents with mysterious thief since you caught
  • 12:23: fruit pile yes it was just hungry baby elephant escaped from the zoo and he was already frightened that almost exacerbated until saw but she was in horror is not really not I was just scared was very cautious and not frightened of any case you are good you and mine worked and animals and all real heroes Well , I do not know this but it's good that everything is again
  • 12:56: it became calm Do not be modest the field you were today was just at the height of can me more and not should crutch director or fermin scriptwriter elf ferber