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Week Vlogov: Mine "Правильное" food! \/ I am a Cinderella!!!  See details »

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  • 00:06: Hello good day good morning Good evening or night 5 is a block last my life block I hope you I liked this a string of videos about my life because all interesting than Now I live as I live and then it will fall kit headings yes and that still want say and where it is icons I am now wearing people compartmentalized seriously I think icons it's cool I'm listen hinter flagship album
  • 00:30: hi what more strange We are now all which after 2007 I went to the store I bought the food itself here Now you show that I eat because many asked I lost I will shoot necessarily complete Video my secrets as it did in the assembly 10 but there are 11 kilograms today show that I to support it with all the useful saddle this friend see often my its commercials name anna we live without him I can not seem to course and weight loss be sure to powder
  • 01:00: until the cheese is still very much eat prunes instead candy swing and here without the noise and every stroke not the form but because three eggs and outro be sure to eat really I love tomatoes Left with childhood or even with mozzarella that the best way and that's Mozzarella also bought avocados and all sorts of nuts on all here is I Love is more than During be McDonald fast food because Lord of the tomato Cherry I am ready not know that make the avocado I love to eat nuts walnut dip in honey and most
  • 01:30: tasty combination the bitter with the sweet it's just vkusnuypirogek so here currency I refrigerate you were not always lots of vegetables and baby food instead of all sweets and vegetables greens and cheese porridge in I should oatmeal can show that I almost empty refrigerator on the actually every time I just imagine that fresh and basically all this is freezers present all frozen vegetables potatoes all things I All ready myself and I always imagine that fresh food because I know that you are no longer time it takes to during the early tastes better in the second
  • 02:00: disease and so all Now I eat up in May here I am preparing to a certain portion poison eat and all my dishes and if it is leaves bagel ak mess it stands I prepare two man that I remaining minutes Away I eat for breakfast soil Shoot, I did not before I want something that caused the they seem still all the nutrients loses under their Preheat the fact product that's me now such a mess apartment because I I will also remove today one live fun has yet to be most do it as and it is funny and well and comfortable and no matter how everything is very little
  • 02:30: I tidied up that time to Now I write video accurately record sound for video voiceovers and Tomilin I run to meet it itself an example of the film Cinderella because I presented invitation to film premiere zolushka I went there I even on pofotkat red carpet track which is very cool but then I though she went country fotkatsya because so beautiful decorations They were and Now you see Super Megatron on I madly I rushed that pofotkatsya and Feel at It bonse I want to own a straight chair to sit and mount vidosy see
  • 03:00: and edit video best play form of I sat thinking about it someone else's life and axis and then I went Watch the movie Cinderella And now let's go watch a movie film I get incredible beautiful and cheerful very good so Council go to see him and another I had the whole photoshoot in ballroom dress just 5 in the image Cinderella
  • 03:30: but none of the dress does not can change I still very cool when I was as a professional photographer camera then turn its camera showed 6 language writing and I was here I first shock today I myself cake and feel by the way I'm going now there is this dress so you notice what more videos in the bows
  • 04:00: the fluffy dress and the no response and pipe I Now cut out gorgeous dress, we We took photos or their usual Jeans are normal its white beauty and feels behemoth after like marching like I like everything here I look like active let me have been sorry I do not want get out of the dress but I have to go home yet we can not be sent bratish there is a mess real laid I also do not just eyebrows dark flirt so
  • 04:30: convenient distance see everything I changed into jeans white t-shirts and white sneakers this is my ball dress and to be honest of all the clothes well, it is clear that any we all pay steep nearly 100 girls hello but nothing cooler white t-shirt jeans it is white shoe last hatch I felt all Example create although all stable ordinary and normal same every
  • 05:00: Day and night I have back film Here a complete mess because now filmed likes why because somewhere in l'amour frame and all that for it then as I Cinderella whole Uberall seriously and You know that I have decided to that now bake cake that because Breakfast will be pleased cup of tea with cake cherry moreover found recipe so fader I already unfreeze cherries now we will honor You may remember that I live one so much so that he get success
  • 05:32: My cake is unlikely because It will look but although it will be edible I really hope that's a three chains found on photos Now Showcase your photos who received After a photo shoot me they killed Cinderella very beautiful and my space VKontakte and watch these pictures only look and also here this is beautiful I've got a photo straight Cinderella so look for new pictures in my pages VKontakte and so many ask how to find my Public VKontakte go to page VKontakte and personal
  • 06:00: Set here together Work link Kati strong click on and it's Public static at the slops topic yes because my space that I have is my favorite browser which showed It could not orbitum here he is handsome and more if you sit in classmates and facebook you can switch mode this column soon will be the site displayed on this not I sit so use only 3 contacts and how there Hell my all ready To get now I go in the shower and you I
  • 06:30: I say goodnight and a good day and all I have a great week not just what systematic creative I hope you are not surprised I stuck it all I think not shoot I will be a good night product of the day