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  • 00:06: with you hello hello I again good morning or rather do not show since this cleaned Today we bow do with your chakras darkness all feature in this process but it tasty but cool it's really Video recipe necessary here will look for process itself cooking onion I can clean it still not enough completely somewhere
  • 00:30: Two and a half kilograms onion is very very and many will very very tasty he will be the most gusto This bows you not at all you feel so I shall now proceed him to work on this here heifers I will cut in half half and shorter half-rings I shred it completely Aubrey well as not I direct that's so Now clean onion hardly us still It needs oil
  • 01:00: butter about So polpachki maybe a little more their legs or thighs or whole chicken and some water and so now proceed I shift the onion in a frying pan here and its good Merkulov later ambassador once look behind process and so right now, again I will cry Here in the pan with such deep turned flanges this much onion AMBASSADOR it slightly here
  • 01:33: and shall water a little lemon juice completely a little bit so that he faster Faster melted it should turn into a gruel I'll show chicken and we will gently from lemon juice in a slurry in puree that was not seen quite so cut it as you want both are used to want melenko want semicircles
  • 02:00: still it will not be felt very Now he gives his juice it is necessary for it to be soft faster it we come and have a good Pozniak's how I He mentioned once in I fell in volume probably hell even brush within such a lock Th bulbs here and I put the pan but you already sprinkled already it all with tears
  • 02:30: love and sliced Now I put on fire and if you the very small but a fire gas stove so that Put on average fire and then on average Now decrease pour water here so Here you can order necessary still a little bit more where the floor of the cup We created another turn oil and all the rest did not come I close the lid and
  • 03:01: let it be here in my should start now same thing that is interesting This recipe should be Watch the process the process of bow than we are now zaymomsya check if Vodicka evaporated away Vai but it is too early here something interferes or so where we where my spoon
  • 03:31: wood do not know where it's a and then we do here And so it poke on it later yet early. another sweats come here I turn down heat you reduce heat I not on Pyaterochka I leave do so here
  • 04:00: Such are the movements often open cap and so here how to convert it all ahead too I walked an hour more at I will have to sweat there is now more water bit and evaporate and here too much how much water is much more because even more oil chicken here it will fall to the cat there
  • 04:30: 10 pieces I picked up today I tell all the chips Now here is such a the process we are now We see what Vodicka Now, this has been at the bottom it seems to be rises Bow falls back nothing wrong We continue to do everything the same bit vodichku evaporated all we have to bow first will clear then such Karimova change color this yet transparent
  • 05:02: It is early short thus interfere We start to do These stirring So you see what most Bulka has the same a little water vaporized but it still too much because more butter in butter liquid will give us so just often interfere and more like crush onions and so here is our bow It becomes almost
  • 05:33: but almost all of it before preparing her husband has chicken here will and throw it as yet all come throw oil polpachki cream let it dissolves Now we look for liquid may be it will be necessary to evaporate a little more liquid because oil Now give us a We broth you're not here I want there pancakes I do with this
  • 06:00: with mushrooms well, there have I have a recipe winning pancakes Victoria after girlfriend called there herbs such shorter they are frosted Now look here enough oil Now the chicken to us It gives a little bit more water, and I can probably a little pepper
  • 06:35: either did not open. pepper and here I have washed sliced such pieces tiptoe the second stack girls trick I pack it into one number can be plump stow to like if You want to do here the second floor you
  • 07:01: nothing doing because if want more portions for the necessary cases take more size This is how the cauldron itself alone here and laid it in one number as if we lay Now under a fur coat we just at put all of this well, I
  • 07:33: somewhere right now wired so it is already person what I got with a little bit when I drop I noticed something that I do not I salted salted Once the onions in very, very early by the way the kitchen is Azerbaijan feels my hand very very satisfying if
  • 08:00: anyone interested recipe I like always I leave even a video Here we have it languishes We still await a cat yaki and so here I have it I then fried a little pepper and periodically I will periodically a little lift that she is not there prigoralo so here
  • 08:30: let languish already tasty Now It will have nyamka sounds such for home fragrance wobbled here are my good getting somewhere an hour languishing chicken of course turn them as much juice Mandalore flavor stunning if You have no one home ladys then bow here already hardly see then then can
  • 09:00: turn off once brought to this condition and if you have all the houses to which I turn off Now it seems I will explain I formulate hours if you all home break in the yayki greater capacity some now I I will do that here We turned in Here is such a result, It seems to see nothing not seen any onions on here I introduced 10 eggs now I am their
  • 09:31: whisk vzobem necessary blender, add salt not will only season with salt and pepper Only at the beginning or solim onions More place and now as a do I have to put now I am here this weight should be as Only I would whisk I will do it Mix well with a fork that sometimes it all for you
  • 10:00: here and so I do not know seen no shorter than me this should be a lot of mix with onions neatly I add a little We look at the world shit the main thing to show you it is for you to understand and there to bow short
  • 10:32: stir together But with this mash sisechki do it as well as possible here so that's almost here are these eggs will be tastier than hen I you I'm talking here
  • 11:02: It happened now We reserve as scrambled and let a little stand but also here in result we It can happen add herbs and but we want to have strong eat because it tasty the button add all around bon appetit bye Bye