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  • 00:00: we have ideological contradictions in present day practically we do not have there is a fundamental culturological basis of the American self-awareness lies individualistic idea at the core Russian collectivist there is one of researchers Pushkin that on this pupil accurately and I clearly said here gone With the Wind remembers there the main heroine she says that i can imagine that I will starve for this is the most important thing
  • 00:31: but in our submission submission of the Russian all the same others the problem is what is stretching beyond the horizon something so spiritual so that this is related to God understands this I was a little bit different life and therefore understand each other it's quite difficult for us but you can people's right sat what it is
  • 01:04: surely democratic country and it developed initially as democratic the state after all when people started master this the continent does not came have built relation to each other friend and after a fact life were forced to do in a friend's dialogue friend therefore she was originally born as a fundamental with so we will not forget that development American Continent you me call you in the jungle to me do not want to know about it speak to development American The continent began with
  • 01:34: large-scale ethnic cleansing which did not have equal in history humanity after all Europeans when they came by this we we had to straight about this she does not I know here is mankind not much is known and stagnation, let's say destruction Carthage Romans mids when they they even left land and so is the legend says salt sprinkled that there is nothing grew and development American continent Europeans there no one sprinkling well what
  • 02:04: used but destroyed the indigenous population after that American American history knows slavery and she so deeply penetrated because Colin Powell I teach my book wrote how he was difficult for a person with dark skin color it was hard to pass how is he always felt on himself the views of others it means it sits sits but also the market before still in the souls and people's hearts, but Look, we know
  • 02:36: very many today the Soviet regime know the steel as before we he did not know what it was a dictator I'm a tyrant very much I doubt that Stalin in the spring of the 45th year if he had there was an atomic bomb applied the fight against germanium in forty first forty-second when I stood
  • 03:06: raised questions about life or death the state can be applied if he was at forty fifth when already the enemy is all surrendered essentially I make a chance with him there was no me I doubt that I Americans personally applied against japan t food defeat and not against the emperor nuclear state