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  • 00:02: camry said girls you again, Irina current video Here's dedicate this pieces that provoked just huge response after my Video with the makeup idea It was in that both received turban in instagrame so in since contact under by a bunch of video comment will the fact that the pen I enjoyed the show how are you doing such a turban girls really I do not have any sequence a fact that I Here you can learn
  • 00:30: actually take hands and stole begin to roll I apologize for sounds I have here it's a monster which to me all the time prevents shoot video but do not interfere with the baby cute my dear I happy to share my secrets here I'll hand such here turbans actually turbot me very very much helps when I for example there is no time as I gather and said head therefore be laid
  • 01:00: just tied even if it's head not quite fresh no it does not recognize matt not afraid walk with a palatine that is, I like you I say do not wear Only hats to not only are there a scarf somehow I tied I love to here such here I believe that the turban This very feminine and it is very exotic, it's like it is bright enough and individually and those Who writes line why you me
  • 01:31: waiting for the scale and so those who write me but how can come here in this in ridiculous turban on work I will tell you so expand your outlook and you will be happiness is actually because we accustomed to that cap or there tied like a scarf and everything in really nothing like girls also not seen a newspaper Matt say that every time I
  • 02:00: appear some society in some companies even just somewhere street do not speak compliments out there that us it is actually a girl very beautiful and solemnly and Dare to be individual bright dissimilar to others because there will always some cap which you something follow will drive away walk proudly raised his head and always look high because no man would looks at a woman that comes with head down It looks stupid and land and
  • 02:30: not some ridiculous a cap or to the standard Here is such a cap form He always cause a storm of emotions in a storm praise and watches by the way is not Once a woman is not only men but also women and not Russian received compliments it is from the beautiful women and I have say that I girls in my surrounded by exactly the same rescues them here such this is the way all happy all satisfied and no one says that this ridiculous that it is not fashionable, or even how the on the contrary it is fashionable
  • 03:01: Come on now fashionable that such a people finder I dug well that is here such a way go here such here such as all the rivers they, too, in such here Arabic some style because so some sort of turban it seems to me more east so Culture and eastern women are not played when wear here such here stoles scarves as on the contrary their turbans power becomes more refined their makeup
  • 03:30: becomes more more vivid some exotic I love I have one word agreed so so if you let interesting my dear how am I doing here such a turban is not switch and keep looking and so that the girl we do first first collect our Now take hair Our scarf stole from someone that's me so he threw on the head to the left and right hand I there are left and right
  • 04:01: stole side Smiling, I them I crisscross between is here and so Now I cross over I pick up in the hands of remnants stole so straighten and here's neat
  • 04:35: I laid back I twist between an insert in shoulder to to correct any irregularities and that I do we already have one at the rim we have here rebaptized rough saying yes and spent already one rim here we have here these here two twisted
  • 05:01: hand we refineries ie the rim back here and so here we tying the world's So and the tip we hide under
  • 05:34: coconut and then come here Now a girl can wear earrings
  • 06:01: that's the one who prevents me today shoot video my sago sago sago sago give voice coconut coconut ah Like us asking I will take him to his that's my flower bed girls begged Video royalists node Well just my
  • 06:32: good here is our turban and tied from Ponte any warm cool any Scarf can be spun Now a Thing which will help you I think in any situation because not fresh head is not I want pack no me too was an experience that I I know that I am nowhere Today I will not go Apply the mask in the morning that's twisted the top tippet naturally all under the cap is would all have to Night Masks then
  • 07:00: cap and then I stole it ardent call there and Let's meet there that is, it is perfectly if I did not come wash your head dry This is all common a long process so I simply dressed stole hanging I do not I know how he did light make-up and forward for arden they always look at all hundred and sweet and I hope that was for you The usefulness of such He gave a small lesson Actually this is not a lesson in fact it is so this is how I am doing you you can perceive it may perceived as someone Some like someone not
  • 07:30: like everyone the taste and the taste Comrade color is not here but I still think that here such here little thing helps not times on their own and You will gain including I hope that you get too cute my if you get take over here is such a his turban is, instagrame the necessarily spread in their page instagrame your creation and il to celebrate them there will not be very interesting to see looks at how urban you, I wish you all
  • 08:00: of clerk very good very positive for most incredible may all your dreams True to girls I enjoy meeting new yourself do not be afraid experiment bye bye