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Freezing of vegetable marrows for the winter Marrow fritters in the winter  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello Suggested recipes frozen zucchini zucchini can be freeze differently and few years, we frozen their cut here and rings lozhili cellophane then there was a time that nalezaet cubes and We used it to Stew loves winter Pumpkin pancakes and for several years year, we freeze These zucchini as it were, semi-finished product for the bathrobes, and that means
  • 00:32: need here such slippers like this Well I have them to you it dry and now I will rub on large grater take them right away here in this year I want to try So that he still more convenient in the winter I I rubbed them on marlechku because they are very juicy very juicy and have very much
  • 01:03: this juice for to a vogue baby put much less Minsk and desirable the falcon that's quite enough so many so I will freeze here
  • 01:33: how then it is necessary to them a little podsobit little what for to excess excess moisture this one juice in five minutes he retires leave it somewhere here on on Five or ten minutes is not more in five minutes probably five to ten this request clean hands
  • 02:04: usually slightly otsazhivayut this one juice squeeze it but I no matter how much it all wring not all wring out because as if to tell the look at one squash it prepared kulechek which we all leave Roussanova zucchini so I overcame just half a glass
  • 02:34: juice glass sheets 250 I born to mate will still here Of course the juice was plus everything in on this brand in this rubbed it still tavern course on Morozov there and Moisture plus and plus how have their cold sandan reduced Now all temperatures
  • 03:04: it will be built Now that we kulechek withdrawn refrigerator I there already even in air He will come again may grams 50 may 70 the same juice in this juice we can I soak soaked oatmeal somewhere 30 to 20 minutes, these then flakes
  • 03:34: added here in tank grated zucchini these black zucchini can vary or those like pancakes squash can be add garlic can immediately pull their freezer for sure freezers that greens we frozen plus It can be done in the winter eat potatoes can Grate potatoes on fine grater here we sure it and I show you how to pay attention to what we need to rub zucchini on a large
  • 04:05: grated potatoes can rub on this other more a fine grater, and will very tender add egg and add if maybe we need to be half a floor tablespoon or tablespoon of flour and will be different Pumpkin pancakes apartments will smell in the summer and not constantly
  • 04:38: how much more will yet packaging content even if somewhere not suffice it to local wounded see it changes its form milk Cossacks ground and then We pulled thawed and please do together with us thank you
  • 05:09: for attention to following video why not this natural juice and it is also possible if want even freeze cubes