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  • 00:00: Hello, I'm Dr. Kostyuk Igor I am a doctor Evgrafovich orthopedist I have been treating diseases spine and joints for more than twenty years for such longer period for I brought this trend that disease to Sorry younger if earlier it people came after 40 closer to the pension It is very often young people come students and even
  • 00:30: turning what problems that we before simply do not heard about it when I started to find out reasons why it is would be that the current generation of a lot of time is spent sitting objectively speaking due to the total capitalization development of these technologies Even children as young as 3 class spend More time is sitting and not muscles work and
  • 01:01: that notice of the support spine and It leads this leads to what goes with eventually develops deformation spine with all flowing away effects Nature has given us strong enough organism incidentally said femoral human bone support the weight but then the car when a person passes a long time sitting and our
  • 01:31: spinal discs are not They eat they eat miracle turns to her if muscles do not work then comes quickly spinal atrophy and even a minor a seat load lead to very serious consequences so I always encourage their patients during take care of yourself look at yourself and begin to engage and it is very easy and and we'll just
  • 02:02: We demonstrate that can make to the initial stages even without resorting to doctors and now we show exercise that will relax spastic muscles and neck, and significantly reduce pain Feel to shoot muscle spasms there is very easily perform and a good The invention under named isometric relaxation point is that if the muscle
  • 02:32: tenses in the isometric there is no movement stress out such tension it easy to relax in order to perform not need any special conditions you can even do some exercise particularly for cervical It is not even sitting rising from the working places how to do it we are now is you show original position you sit with the back straight to
  • 03:05: correct payment exercises the opposite side we fix in particular here Now Marina will make I fix the pipe at I border so we fix all the shoulder is not raises another hand we fix head the muscles relax and you reject his head in hand side to sensations pleasant soreness side tie all neck muscles is initial position execution exercises you head trying to raise
  • 03:36: but hand you hold and try to head does not rise and do it exercise to lead to 10 to 10 seconds times climb climb frequency relax muscle after such muscle tension and relax with a can a bit further deviations hum repeat so two or three once again relaxes after
  • 04:10: execution exercises It feels nice mild soreness neck muscles that close that quickly passes attention performance correct performance back exercises should remain direct work and only the side muscles neck and do not try immediately boost this exercise you did achieve main condition the success of the spring and the regularity and gradualness
  • 04:40: following exercise to relax the muscles back muscle groups neck and back original position again back straight head tilt and takes just head back We do not tilt the try chin to get sternum head fix with hands prey on the back of the head you we straighten head hand-hold We give movement than she also accomplished 10 seconds we strain after that
  • 05:10: It relaxes muscles cervical weaker and this muscle we can relax longer tilt head with this tilted position again straighten hands to head We hold the same 10 seconds after it relaxes relaxation should be twice September 21 seconds longer to count a third just enough to relaxation of muscles the front case and neck thorax
  • 05:40: air floe follow the examples same exercise Only in neatly into upside-down back straight we bow try back neck like get as get back neck department chin fix head cams We try tilting forth hands resist 10 seconds davim movement be should then Relaxation is the neck front relax
  • 06:11: with her husband on tilt the head back though arms Safeguard too little chin 10 cant seconds head forward after it relaxations 20 seconds and the third time, and quite the following exercise for muscle relaxation and front and sides and published in the deep neck muscles initial position back straight we pushing forward the head of the line, as it were, and simultaneously
  • 06:43: turn chin down like would not you chin to axillary fall from this side is starting position and fix the head hands close on nape performing we exercise straighten head initial position while his hands and keep from head 10 movement straighten seconds after that relaxes relaxation of more than 20 seconds at this time we hands can push
  • 07:13: a little further on in direction chin axilla Sleep straighten head We hold the hands and again relaxes It relaxes the muscles in motion increased and more time enough just relax done opposite side of the neck there are so called scalene muscles which very often lead as
  • 07:43: called compression a syndrome of inflammation muscles leads to not less hand to relax muscles exist special exercise we do on the other side with we want do with the opposite arm we lead ourselves to shoulder around the city turn We rely on the shoulder implementation of this immediately also failure chin and we press shoulder and arm resist 10 n seconds before and after
  • 08:14: this rest 20 muscles revolt we can relax just above the head and raise even more presses 10 seconds time 20 seconds relaxing and third lift and yes again to them result here Here muscles tense and after that relaxes pleasant feeling disease which It passes quickly after fully exercises for to you not more disturbed during
  • 08:44: sleep time for this 1 conditions need to sleep bed is directly It should be smooth the bed is not somewhere to be tough must be smooth and not to panzer hen that was not a rocker bed physiological bends in the neck loins have saved for this cushion stroke flat better if it is orthopedic pillow or may be no such just roll rolled towel or just these kinds of
  • 09:15: sports and a roller placed under the neck then relaxes neck muscles and he novitsya easier for In order to reduce pain during safari in the lower back You need to muscles loins were relaxed for this under the knees can be put liebe roller has more size or it may be Mattress some that there are so-called frog leg posture half-bent slightly separated muscles waist and hips relaxed and more decrease
  • 09:45: try to correct sit at the table the right position already reduce all painful display for this chair should be this height to legs bent and knee and hip joints were right angle lid again should be on at the level of the elbows This is a spin straight monitor if this has We need to raise above
  • 10:15: that is, the middle screen diagonal the monitor must be ie at the level of the eyes about centimeters forty or fifty which became it relaxes muscles sharply during more acute waist please do not lean not lift cargo leaning forward the situation better and finally stop and this will reduce the acute during the work possibly rises above say wash option
  • 10:45: above the bath of something increased pain and lumbar and thoracic in exacerbations and If those recommendations that they tell you does not bring relief it means process went very and requires far the doctor did not participate postponing for a long time soon come just begun spent treatment you reduce more and save you finances I whole-heartedly
  • 11:16: I wish you health but if you have something worries come time I will always glad not ready to help be healthy