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  • 00:07: garbage spikelets of lush bars here have Such a scheme may be it at first look not but it is clear actually it crossed one of the columns whose magnificent let's try It means rapport pattern we have only three loops little let
  • 00:32: try to link bus I gained here chain linked series without columns sc make it convenient orientate do 3 aircraft lifting loops and knit column one sc in the third the third column previous row 2
  • 01:00: aerial loops and Now we do magnificent column first the previous loop number of ordinary gingerbread column we fix it, and immediately from it were binding another column with sc
  • 01:31: But in this petelechku it is necessary in a column with nakida we need two loops and pull back in the third to tie column with 5 sc Air knit 2 loops and lush column from. of the same column we knit here the first column with sc ie we
  • 02:00: it turns out here such here crossed bars another first here columns with sc in We go like inside lush anchoring lush feedback hand, we also columns with sc It is not visible from the same knit the next point column one nakida also
  • 02:30: miss two column to column 2 air nakida loops and lush column here in this point like knitting simply magnificent most bars here important to determine From this height that is somehow get hand all lush poles were the same again
  • 03:01: miss two column 3 knit column one Air nakida 2 loop lush column at this point where we are knitted previous column with sc Glue again with one column
  • 03:31: sc retreated two previous column series 2 air loop lush column another post with sc
  • 04:03: 2 air loop and lush column here They tied the first row finish it column one
  • 04:31: sc the last column previous row We do 3 lifting loop knit a column here on second magnificent column 2 do air loop and here
  • 05:01: and the most out of the corner We are doing a magnificent column also we keep the Here we have here knitted previous column one sc means 2 next air
  • 05:30: loop here such as would crossed bars 5 column with sc over the next two wad loop
  • 06:14: These are stripes pattern on both sides 5 with one column nakida here we Previous ie magnificently over the next 2
  • 06:33: air hinges lush column this continues knitting that is, one of report all creatures yes here is a handy We get a result it is very impressive
  • 07:00: looks at cross knitting such stripes fluffy you equally at both sides