Tinatin Barkalaya

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Video subtitles:
  • 00:02: you cook Jean quick cheese balls need yours flour sugar egg vanilla sugar and soda and powdered sugar egg rubbed sugar vanilla adds
  • 00:37: thief flour add baking soda stir
  • 01:05: gradually podsypaya flour should be based importance of the cottage
  • 01:36: but it should be gently will if the more flour balls will be more heat the solid so stumble vegetable cantori balloons
  • 02:08: oil already on forex one will be plastic
  • 02:45: sprinkle with sugar powder twenty minutes handled and above fry not to avoid gorilla oil to not match very high heat that they had
  • 03:00: propechsya inside that were not themselves you can still steal the raisins also the actor quick cheese balls that Bon Appetit