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  • 00:00: how to restore accidentally deleted it files to recover deleted files the Internet can find a huge the number of paid programs We also use the free but not less effective on this utility juice Profit files River faith to download this program and use services and site areas and rub the point Click the link file recovery software Prospect to go to the page for
  • 00:31: download the installation file programs on the next page follow similar actions after which it will be necessary to save the file on your PC using and appeared dialog window the program does not require installation and you You will be able to run it on your computer immediately after downloading program software camera profiles files It is very simple and does not require any settings
  • 01:02: to find where all the universe and are files local drive, you must select where the search list and click to search disposed and the upper part of the window programs it is worth noting that in order to narrow your search file format and you can enter the file extension field that After the search is complete you can easily find the file you want to the list of documents found
  • 01:32: to facilitate the search for you can you for sorting attributes by clicking the left mouse button on column name Once you find the desired file click the left mouse button and do you remember the command to restore in the dialog box select the directory to save the file and click ok to her it is worth noting that you can not to restore the files on the same wheels
  • 02:04: so using a program juice traffic paired chamber you will be able to recover any accidentally deleted files