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The Japanese facial massage of Zogan (ASAHI) with Russian translation part 2 - YouTube

The Japanese facial massage of Zogan (ASAHI) with Russian translation part 2 - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:03: another exercise for smoothing of labial folds gently place one hand on one side of the face second hand Press mouth area moving up diagonally Hold for three second near the eye proceeding easily press down on the skin then spread fingers to his temples and thence reducing pressure Scroll down Repeat three collarbone once this exercise
  • 00:31: It can cause pain keep feeling balance between the comfortably Now my hands and repeat the exercise on the other hand
  • 01:01: because on the face but the models do not wear massage oil skin blushed and places annoyed when use massage cream irritation There should be no do not forget my tips and massage slow finish work NASA sponge to start position the hand horizontally index and middle finger
  • 01:30: perpendicular wings of the nose touch distills lymph outward and down to the ears and clavicles Repeat this three fold Now we will work
  • 02:00: ruling over the cheeks correction of facial contours this exercise require you more attention chin using soft part of your thumbs continuously push in for three seconds Next, enter the hands horizontally toward your ears and then down collar bone
  • 02:31: Repeat this three why times someone has sagging skin it should be done exercise five times one movement distilled IFC and ears then collarbone
  • 03:03: get rid of effect pei in the area between corners of the mouth and ears as previously place the pads thumbs next with the corners of the mouth with each side slightly stooping down tighten the muscles and cheeks up to the ears reaching the ears reduce power pressure slightly raise your head and hands gently
  • 03:30: descend on neck to the collarbone when you do this exercise you can feel excessive pain keep balance between pain comfort well now We will work on the second chin exercise will make double chin less put
  • 04:04: pad large on the tip of a finger Chin and push upwardly toward the ear hand gently slides the ear again put the palm of your hand on the chin slowly repeat this exercise 3 times those who have problems with second chin can do it Submission 4 5 and more time
  • 04:49: now we will tighten muscles two full-face hands thumbs up
  • 05:00: embracing chin palm coated wings of the nose and face if you want call someone Make sure that between hands and face no gaps are now putting some force moves ears when large fingers move from the chin to the neck engine hands down collarbone Repeat this three times that highlight offer much effort and time and massage hands tightly without gaps adjoin
  • 05:30: skin and smoothly jackpot and move then down clavicles Now using one hand we smooth wrinkles laptop from left to right and back right left smoothly massaging the skin smoothes large forehead wrinkles and other fine wrinkles be patient follow horizontal moving up and down Down Up uniformly
  • 06:01: Now we have around the forehead turn to the last step put your hands in forehead and slide Center and temples and then collarbone Well we finished massages tips on massage There are two main
  • 06:31: the moment in which many people are doing massage make mistakes I drew attention to the these places in the first place This exercise on destruction of the rights cheeks, you see that you zadeystvuete massage thumb and soft part of you should start massage dots near nose wings under cheekbone try ponazhimat these point average Here's a good fingers Now let's see how
  • 07:00: it looks in massage couch thumb here here put this Some of the listed the highest point and push that's exactly right make sure that your hands squeeze nostrils otherwise obtained wrong position and so put his hands in starting position they They are close wings of the nose and then
  • 07:31: evenly tighten the muscles up toward the ears and then down the clavicle remember this place Now location lymphatics if you are wrong understand where is the lymph path the effect of massage will directly the opposite of expected of you start position hand as it is shown Now immerse both hands on lymphatic
  • 08:00: ways collarbone neck Wrong way to do to do it is placing hands near the ears move them down along the face to the chin if you massaging so you Only the person doing even more rules since there is no lymphatics I hope you will remember these tips and be able to avoid errors in
  • 08:30: during the massage Pull or massage fingertips is wrong because we are not the skin and massaging deep facial muscles when we talk about massage fingers use all finger and whole hand to uniform the impact on the muscles person if you use
  • 09:00: easily push it does not improve the condition your face but it It does not mean that better presses with all of force experiencing unbearable pain you must comply balance between the comfort and pain feelings if you It requires more pressing the force first understand massage techniques and then apply it on practice each exercise It should consist of continuous movements and smoothly ends in
  • 09:30: each area of ​​the collarbone motion must be slow and sure So we make sure that you follow crowning exercise accusing lymph not on to lymph nodes the body
  • 10:13: best time for Massage it in the morning or in the evening when your skin often you can making it 1 or 2 times in a day if you do not use adequate quantity massage oil the massage can cause irritation skin during massage be careful to your lips and teeth were
  • 10:30: are closed if you have any problems with chin or cheekbones follow massage more gentle if your state then this poor body facial massage you do not This massage is suitable not only improve sagging state skin but also wrinkles and large pores it It improves the condition deep muscles located in the interior skin toning face and improving circulation perform massages at applying makeup to
  • 11:01: best result since elasticity Skin color will be better if you do the massage without any cosmetics to compare and after the massage to after the outer corners eyes tightened
  • 11:31: completely disappeared pouches under the eyes nasolabial fold It becomes less pronounced corners of the mouth tightened face was already a line chin became sharper nose line stretched
  • 12:00: he was taller Tanaka wanted to tell you friends you like my massage if you do it every day state