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  • 00:03: Today we will do dough for you too not Anna yeast or this we need 1 cup of yogurt somewhere one-third cup of water is better carbonated half cups flour tea spoon two baking powder tablespoons sugar and half a teaspoon salt and salt all 1 mix with
  • 00:30: yogurt with water add sugar here Now do not just mix
  • 01:13: Well, as always We sift add and no baking powder and salt and now gradually to
  • 01:41: the dry ingredients start adding liquid
  • 02:40: All of this test you can bake the mind or it is not necessary to approach not defended it I am ready to put such small my patty like small pancakes plump roast them
  • 03:00: at a very high heat that they had propechsya I fell in now! a little bit of oil is also better not to regret because we ALOD lush and did not want would be to have such a little white sand poseredinke
  • 04:12: Such are the left and golden ankle you get