Elena Kiryuhina

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▶ the Hairdress on long and average hair "Улитка". Weaving of a braid around the head. - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:02: Hello everyone today I I show you how I make my own unusual hairstyle for long and medium hair depending on the selected accessories such hairstyle will suit both every day and output and so distribute hair uniformly in all side from the top
  • 00:30: weaving begins from the center of the head weave spike of three strands when weaving grab hair Only with the external side by type French braid we continue weaving moving clockwise arrows each revolution grabbing strands with the outside
  • 01:03: stories can be both clockwise and against it we gradually increasing the thickness
  • 01:30: weaving add all wider strands if a terrifying the lower edge of the border caste may seem uneven the following series of laws all irregularities
  • 02:06: , Gentle culture should carefully correct all irregularities scouring and picks up and hide comb thus weave until remain free hair
  • 02:36: when run loose hair pletom usual pigtail fix the end rubber band is passed the end of the remaining pigtails through one of the circles on the back of the head encircle the head
  • 03:00: if the long braid and hide tip pigtails in one of the circles and then fix stealth if you like Video put a finger up you take him
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