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▶ the Hairdress on long and average hair "Корзинка". Weaving of a braid around the head. - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:02: Hello this video I'll show you how hair done which has not yet been lost its Relevance is a great glamorous hairstyle for girls but often it can be meet and young girls make this hairstyle very simple to highlight Kushka area and shape of a circle Gather hair in tail from rising edge Hair to the border should plow staying zone free hair
  • 00:30: about 5 cm vacation start weave usual French braid each time adding Right strand loose hair left from the tail and this was the taking a thickness that was enough for all netting is will go along the hairline
  • 01:01: in this technique may be braid any goats you and the sound of feet, and May 4 strands where it is possible use tape tape will give Kostya 3 more strength bright I us if during
  • 01:30: weaving uses White put a whistle you can not doubt that kind of hairstyle will continue for a long time if the hair is fluffy you can apply smoothing cream for hair By the way, this cream can be used with Lord or spray
  • 02:22: reaching the place with which started drinking and not because it is simple and fast
  • 02:37: tying the end of the spit elastic braids and hide at the base of the tail then fix invisible if you I liked this video
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