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Lazy Napoleon:tort from cookies - VIKKAvideo - YouTube

Lazy Napoleon:tort from cookies - VIKKAvideo - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello I want to offer you a recipe very tasty lazy cake napoleon preparing it just quickly and taste great without baking but this real crisp otherwise Graham us You need cookies layered tabs 800 grams of cream one interval and 150 grams of 4 eggs half cup of oil Sugar 6 is new tablespoons flour vanilla sugar We do combine cream eggs and sugar mecca
  • 00:30: vanilla sugar stir add milk set on fire cook cream constantly Stir until it is run
  • 01:03: when a little cream cool add oil mix up Now collect our cake guns abundantly mageva youth cream We laid on the
  • 01:30: I managed five layers on top remaining grease cream sprinkle crumbs cake prepared pleasant appetite