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  • 00:24: Once again I ask the dear colleagues We begin our first lesson
  • 00:30: in the People's University healthy lifestyle the method Zyuganov points the course will be devoted to vision correction by the method of cone killer general improvement of the course and getting rid of the bad habits from any well ask who is lazy is necessary in first of all get rid of the line who is irritated by irritability who smoke tobacco God forbid someone talking about alcoholics and in general this method is universal
  • 01:00: and allows the person not only to restore the health of but to get rid of a lot and stupid head which reduces the life I have called this the good old Russian word associates since I am sure that many we really be companions to the child and the difficult struggle the struggle for the restoration of their health of view in the struggle for the restoration of the health of our children and grandchildren but by and large the fight for healthy
  • 01:30: line on the shelf sick country my name is called Vladimir Zhdanov G. I am a professor of the Siberian humanitarian environmental Institute President of the international psychoanalysts Association in our own working Siberian Akademgorodok Our association consists of a wide motion Movement for the spiritual and physical revival motion for a sober and healthy life and within the framework of our association we all
  • 02:00: country and turned in such folk health universities which helps non-medical people methods to improve their spiritual mental health, but as a consequence of this improve physical health including to restore vision not medical methods is any person who carries Points can remove glasses and using simple special exercises to restore vision and begin to see as well as in without glasses glasses and even better
  • 02:31: it is possible it is available On this day we have with you and will be discussed today to tell you how the the human eye why people go bad eyesight why it is very bad to wear glasses Why is it dangerous to have poor eyesight than in the future may result in and most importantly, show a very simple and affordable set of exercises for the eyes which basically allows you to repeat any person who wears glasses
  • 03:00: remove glasses healthier eyes and as well as to begin a no score glasses and even but to begin with quite a bit of theory otherwise it is unclear how this, in principle, may be and why we have it with you know very little about 180 years ago, the German physicist physiologist Hermann Helmholtz suggested the human eye What he suggested Helmholtz He suggested that the human eye has
  • 03:31: spherical shape the front of the lens is doubly convex, they read out and around the Russian is so Stalik called circular ciliary muscle since the live one sees under the guise Goltz When the ciliary muscle is relaxed Cruz italy flat lens focus is on the retina and a relaxed eye flat lens perfectly see wait because a clear image of distant
  • 04:00: items according to the laws of geometrical optics built in the focus of the optical area system in this case, a clear image distant object precisely on the retina Well, that person must be seen near to see near the need to change parameters as well as the optical system Yanukovych suggested that in order to see near People strained muscle gas it from all sides willing lens Cruz steel becomes more prominent changes its
  • 04:31: curvature the focal length of a convex lens decreases focus goes inside the eye and a convex lens of the eye perfectly see near because a clear image close items under the laws of the same geometric path construction of the optical system focus Here, the image of the close objects again turn right onto the retina eyes and so it is necessary to convince the man gave
  • 05:02: It helps relax the muscle Largo lens what he sees so It must be seen near the tense or ar Namys that Cruz Tariq convex and he sees in Palestine that such short-sightedness of Helmholtz some people Rings movies have not I understand why he thought tenses the ciliary muscle Cruz began to make convex and back this muscle does not relax such people with a convex lens he called shortsighted
  • 05:30: they are close to the leader of a well and along they do not see because a clear image of the distant the object is constructed in the focus area optical system Here is a clear picture inside the eye and on the retina is not clear what that smeared blur and then Helmholtz proposed compensate for nearsightedness using doubly concave negative minus spectacle lenses and the focal length of its system into memo plus convex lens
  • 06:00: increases with eyeglasses focus returns to retina and short-sighted people glasses minus well it is the year and since then, 180 years of all eye doctors of the world short-sighted people pick minus spectacles and recommend them for continuous wear any of you myopia raise your hands please here is your trouble as they say, and your problem What is farsightedness putin more many people thought Helmholtz age
  • 06:32: It weakens the work of the ciliary muscle as a result as a result of the lens strips lens focus is on the retina and a classic far-sighted people well see yes but must be seen near to see up close just have to wait eliminate its convex and muscle strength and wait for that tired lacking and man looks book a clear image of boxing lies behind
  • 07:01: focus optical system but it is closer to the back of the head and on the retina is a clear smeared blur and then Helmholtz proposed compensate for hyperopia using doubly convex pljusovaja pupils a system focal length of a convex request Bosque lens decreases with eyeglasses oxy plant inside eye and far-sighted people plus glasses perfectly see near and since then 180 years all the major doctors
  • 07:33: world farsighted people to pick up a dance tune spectacles It recommended for both reading and working around any of you hyperopia raise your hands please I was too far-sightedness Well it would seem all the points from the trap not going anywhere but with you our happiness of living in the world great American scientist Professor ophthalmologist William Heyets take was a very honest man
  • 08:00: after medical school he worked for five years mainly doctor and I was horrified and despair the results of their work every one of the patients to which children I registered to honor in every one of the points of view deteriorated none of his patient points of view not returned and he wondered how is it he is eye doctor it is the same people should treat the eye and he points us to prescribe and some of the schools from bad to worse
  • 08:30: and after two three four years, they They come to require new thicker stronger glasses and the second that drew the attention of the children is that some of the patient and the summer We are leaving the village in the mountains on vacation and there accidentally lost or broken glasses and he lived in the nineteenth century Points worth quite expensive and people with poor eyesight forced It was not created to do without points when they returned from this recreation They came to him for glasses
  • 09:01: he have checked in the table view and surprised to note that many due to the fact that they went to glasses-free of eyes begin to improve Bates 30 years studying how the human eyes He has developed and manufactured a unique for the time unit who called nerd socks via Leikina en masse from a distance up to two meters he could determine the parameters of the eye and he looked like a change of view,
  • 09:31: myopic removed vigilant children while playing in athletes and now 30 years we studied the workings of the human eyes in fact I concluded that the theory of Helmholtz Ackerman all wrong the image of the human eye build it as it is suggested Helmholtz due to the work of the ciliary muscle and changing curvature of the lens and the image of the human eye It is constructed in the same way
  • 10:01: Kaka but built in the ordinary just a photo apparatus by changing the length and the eye itself and here most of the work in process accommodation ie pointing eyes to sharpen play 6 eyes motor muscles each person in each eye pages is the eye muscle motor This upper longitudinal that the eye picks up
  • 10:32: it longitudinal bottom is eye falls down internal longitudinal side which It was reduced to the nose which covers the outer longitudinal erects the storm and two very important so-called lateral eye muscles upper transverse that's because the eye's cross semicircle fits on top current transverse which fits the eye in a semicircle from below
  • 11:00: So how do people see actually when all six eyes motor muscles completely relaxed power really due to excessively internal pressure It assumes a spherical shape lens focus is on the retina Well and a relaxed eye well see a gift but must be seen near to see near the need to change parameters of this optical system I appear to see around person actually makes the following
  • 11:32: he was even more relaxing longitudinal muscles strains and upper and lower transverse the top and bottom of the meeting begins his eye publicity in human liquid thereby squeezing it is fed is stretched cucumber forward as the camera lens the focus goes to the opera eyes and a stretched out power perfectly see near a person need even helps to see again It relaxes the muscles of the transverse
  • 12:02: longitudinal tightens eye vowel acquires a spherical shape, and he once again well see What is myopia pop singer some people have found the cause and Tbilisi it is usually physical and mental visual surge voltage some injuries some people are tensed cross-arms of May Eye Eye extends forward and the back muscles do not relax
  • 12:31: these people with arms in front eyes, he called them his hands prize but a typical example of the emergence of myopia in children whose child attended school, he sat looking at the book in a notebook he transverse muscles have been stretched extended forward power I returned home from school, and again the lessons back muscle strain again extended forward the but this time behind another and dad with the belt but goes and brings prosperity
  • 13:00: Now we will check and a child of this long eyestrain suffer from it with fear lateral eye muscles will back and do not relax and parents suddenly noticed that the child visit sees well give what he does not see It begins lawyer red street which is not find out they lead this poor child ophthalmologist then we are a five-meter shows test card and he was only the top letter also appeared
  • 13:30: Everything is clear in your child myopia and baby hang on the nose first in life minus points